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  1. Welcome From Fabulous Las Vegas!! Hope to see you around!!
  2. Welcome from Fabulous Las Vegas!!
  3. According to the description on Open Tracker Racing (where I purchased them), they are correct. I'll contact them tomorrow and discuss it with them. Thanks for the advice. :thankyouyellow:
  4. Hi everyone, It's been awhile since I've been around, but after a five year hiatus, I'm back to working on the Mustang, and I have a question. I installed adjustable strut rods, and they seem to limit how far I can turn the wheels left or right and has me concerned that my turning radius might be that of a Mack Truck. My first concern is did I install them correctly, and if so, what would be the consequences if I modified the "stop" by grinding it at an angle to allow the wheels to turn sharper. As always, Your advise is appreciated!! Travis
  5. How sad. My thoughts, prayers and condolences go out to Pats family, friends and the whole Mustang community. RIP Pat. You will be missed. Travis
  6. Sounds like a great time, with the exception of no A/C!
  7. Welcome from Las Vegas!!!
  8. Nice ride, Frank!! Welcome from Las Vegas!!
  9. Welcome from Fabulous Las Vegas!!
  10. I had the honor and privilege to meet and have lunch with John (Jbojo) as he passed through Las Vegas on his way to pick up his next project car! Had a great meal and fun talking about Mustangs and muscle cars! Looking forward to meeting up again, and going for a ride in your Mach!!!
  11. Thanks everyone! It's great to be back! :cool:
  12. Greetings from Fabulous Las Vegas!!! Due to some major life changes, I've been away for the last 6+ months and wanted to say Hi! I'm still alive and kicking! Haven't had any time to spend on the Mustang, and due to a small run in with my (now ex) wife and a ball peen hammer, I have a little extra work to do! Looking forward to catching up with everyone. Hope I didn't miss too much!!
  13. Welcome from Las Vegas!! ::welcome::
  14. Can anyone give me any ideas where or how to come up with the true value of my Mustang in its current condition? It is still shy of being completed. Needs transmission, exhaust, convertible top and minor trim items. I have a whole lot more invested than what it's worth, but I need to get an accurate appraised value of it in its current state. Any input would be greatly appreciated! Travis
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