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  1. unfortunately it's being killed by useless politicians and strangled by political correctness Same here. I've always wanted to go over there. Had a great trip planned and two V8 Supercar races to see the Falcons before they were gone. Didn't happen. Ended up buying a house for daughter to live in. :(
  2. I have used a fair amount of POR 15 in several applications, including the tie coat primer. It is basically a marine grade epoxy when you get down to it, I would never ever do it over rust. I take everything bare and do it right. My only negative comments would be price of course. But you get what you pay for. Be careful which black you use if it is exposed. most people tend to go with the chassis black which will be affected by UV over time and can change color a bit over time. So a redo area sticks out like a sore thumb. I use the glossy black over the silver each time, and have yet to experience any peeling. Some POR has been in place since 2004. I like it , never tried the rust bullet, probably never will. I have too much POR in the garage.
  3. He is correct NACA developed those scoops in 1945 , not NASA until later when renamed.
  4. USAF born and bred, so was wife. I spent 20 years in USN FBM Program C4/D5, TLAM N, 19 strategic disappearances etc. etc. Still doing work as a contractor.
  5. of course series 80 stainless combat commander!
  6. http://seattle.craigslist.org/skc/ptd/4848361365.html If I had the money....... nice potential 72 sprint http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/cto/4838073420.html
  7. I like them personally. I'm going to build on eventually for my 68 Galaxie. I was going to have it sent to Coverlay? I think, they were doing all the dash pad recovering. I would imagine that the sn197 bar would be a very good fit. KT 69 I never seen those photos of the Kount Kustoms car before, the last ones I saw never had the bar.
  8. Damn, totally forgot about them his year.
  9. i'll take a blue one while your at it!
  10. [Want to go for the challenge on Obama Care...could be a lot of fun but check the rules it will engage politics and I really have some good friends here and dont care to be banned AGAIN for you. As for the Mustang II popular sales, most people have known that for years.... I noted also during those sales experiences they also believed the fuel crisis and voted for the second worst person in our history. I would love to see the stats if it was two separate groups of people without taste or one group that did both. But i still love the style of the cool 67 like style and hate Mustang II's Clearly you did not get the Alice in Wonderland reference. As the first part of your response was incoherent rambling. Trust me I have nothing good to say about Obamacare. once again nice idea, completely crappy execution. Frankly the 67 FB is the most iconic and recognizable one out there. Styles and people change. It is quite amazing to me how they can come up with a design in any car that so many people like, or equally dislike.
  11. Well first of all did we wake up taking the blue or the red pill? Actually you sounded very enamored with it actually. That is fine. Apparently you take it very personal. As for the whole document thing, what planet were you on? I would surely jump if that is so what you feel you need to do. Pretty petty if you ask me. You thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. Caspian said it the best --value. It is fact no matter how you slice it better than a very overpriced restomod. If you believe it is worth a median 4 bedroom house go for it. I expect way more than what it offers for the price. At 60k it wouldn't be so bad, at 250K are you freaking nuts? You specifically don't like II's great, they outsold damn near every mustang for many years. They were doing something right at the time. Just a people hated them, you see just as many hating the giant 71-73's. They clearly never parked one next to a sn197 and say that. Heck I could care less about them until a couple of years ago. Styling and taste will change, bang for the buck doesn't. That's not to say you can't appreciate the work involved, but there are far, far better cars in the super car class that are way cheaper with things like all wheel drive for instance. To put it into perspective you are defending a car that costs $40K more than a Lambroghini Gallardo!
  12. Saw it several months ago. Really, a $250k for a repro fastback body that has been Camaro-ized with a Vetts' drivetrain? Really I can but two badass ground up cars for that , and blow it's doors off. Seriously not impressed. What's so beautiful?, the 67 fastback that wraps the Vette, or the Camaro front grill? Sorry guys don't see what you do.
  13. http://www.mustangsunlimited.com/itemdy01.asp?T1=MPG70+01&Category=Engine&CatKey=EMUSTANG http://www.mustangsunlimited.com/ProdImages/MPG70-C.jpg
  14. I have a set from speedhut on my fox. they're a quality build, that's why I used theirs.
  15. Wa state tried that crap a year or two ago. People were outraged, of course the government was exempt. they were calling it a carbon tax based on mfg data. If no data available automatically maxed out. No data on what they were going to do with the money except line their pockets. As bad as the charging you for plates based on value of your car.
  16. These are the BLANKety blank blanks that started all this B.S. They were the first ones to make each MWR entity fund itself. We lost tons of amenities for troops and dependents under them. Clinton, and Osama just finishing the deal. Remember rec centers, wood shops, ceramic shops, youth centers to name a few. Instead of MWR burger joints that employed dependents, you get Mcdonald's and Pizza hut that pay MWR fund. I knew a manager at one and they would actively discriminate against dependents. He said they didn't need jobs, their dad's make too much money from the military. Really? I used to work for free here for years. They combined several times and closed all but one. The only reason it stays afloat, is because the NEX actually rents it from MWR. Needless to say it's all hosed up. Haven't gone forever except fro using the sandblast cabinet. Costs 4 times as much as it did. Oh don't worry guys Congress is trying to make the commissaries go away too. they say there is no need for them, even most places overseas. I would love those clowns to be on a military or retired budget for a few years. See bitch then.
  17. Congrats. Both the wife and I AF brats. Yes, spent 20 yrs under Navy incarceration to boot.
  18. They (Union Pacific) moved it up from CA to restore it to working order. Locomotive 4014 was listed to have 1Million miles on her alone before retiring it. I heard they towed fully 5 mile fully loaded trains. Wow love the torque, don't think I could live with the mileage!
  19. always cool locos My god how much bigger did he need! Never seen a 4-8-8-4 in person. That would be amazing to see. Some things just have to be experienced in person. That cab window is like 10-12' in the air!
  20. Where was that 4-8-4 at? They are pretty rare these days. Used to love climbing on this 2-8-2 up @Ore Grande park in CA, moved Orange Empire museum.
  21. You'd do better with these, he has the red one on cl too. http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/pts/4370312842.html http://portland.craigslist.org/clc/pts/4370315271.html
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