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  1. Thanks to everyone who has made Veteran's Day important again--and to all my fellow Vets--God Bless You! Airborne! AJ/ Rhino325 2/325 ABN INF REG-82nd ABND DIV. 91-94
  2. Thanks for all the welcome posts! I'll put pictures up as soon as I can get some...
  3. Well, my wife and I bought a 72 convertible with an H code somewhat naively and of course my head's swimming about all the cool stuff I can do to it (dual exhaust--add a RAM-AIR, uprgrade wheels, etc...) After the fact we discovered it really needs a lot---top doesn't seal at all--windows don't align! Hoping it's not too expensive to fix. If anyone has experience with that issue I would be particularly interested in hearing about it.
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