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  1. 1948 Indian Bonneville Chief, 1951 Mercury coupe, 1956 Tbird, all from 1950 to 1962. Reasons for letting go: college, navy, growing family. Good decisions at the time but would like them back.
  2. The steering wheel makes a squeaking noise when turned. I had a mechanic take it apart and lube it (do not know with what); helped a little for a short time. Is a tilt wheel. Tried to spray some silicone in without taking apart but that didn't help.
  3. fun game: 1987 mercury grand marquis 1997 dodge van 1973 mustang convertible 1987 pontiac fiero 2004 mercury grand marquis average is 23 years Also have 1977 honda goldwing but didn't include as game said cars, not vehicles.
  4. Did you happen to get photos of any of the 8 71-73 cars? Would like to see them if you did. I didn't go to Knotts this year or last but went for most of the 10 yrs before then. My reaction then was similar to yours, where are the 71-73s?
  5. Will be 79 this yr so 60 sounds young. Things I do are softball in a senior league (55 plus), regular gym (showing up counts), walk at least 20 minutes most days (going to car shows takes care of that).
  6. Thanks for the welcomes from near and far. Where I am located in san diego area is carlsbad. Some history...A letter from Ford research unit in 1999 identified the car as consecutive unit number 142836 produced on 04/05/73. District code is 72 san jose ca. Original owner unknown, second owner purchased at concord ca on 7/20/74 with 12K miles, price was $4267. I am the third owner, purchased in 1978 with 35K miles, $3600. Has only been outside of california once to lake tahoe, never used as a primary vehicle. Have never seen a twin in person. Mustang Monthly in May 2000 had an article about a similarly equipped green-gold 73 vert with 2.8 miles owned by Bob Perkins. Occasionally one will come up on ebay in that color. Favorite memory would be my mother (now gone) in the car with the top down. Others would be driving with my young children circa 1980. Another is my wife backing into a pole, Hillside Classics in Escondido had the bumper straightened and rechromed, better than a reproduction from China.
  7. [attachment=12575]Here's a picture
  8. My Mustang is a 73 convertible, 351 2v, green-gold, 75K miles. Always a california car, I have owned since 1978. It is original except for conversion to dual exhaust.
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