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  1. Those say 14x6. I thought mine were 14x7... Is the measurement taken from inside or outside the rim?
  2. Very nice, my friend! It looks better each time I see it!
  3. Wow! Great info! I think I got one of the bad batch, but it was just a month ago. I'll have to check the vendor...
  4. Here's a twist you guys may have dealt with: My door weatherstrip fits at both ends, but is about 3 inches too long...It droops way down in the middle, and I have to fold it over as in the 3rd photo to take up most of the slack. Wrong part, or am I missing something?
  5. Thanks, guys! I posted some more pictures on the third page here: http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-hello-from-san-antonio-tx?page=3
  6. Well, it's back as a daily driver just in time for my son to drive it to prom this weekend! Thanks to all the people who gave me tips and help here on the forums!
  7. Since a new top is in it's near future, that's a great idea! They can do it all at once! Thanks for the suggestion!
  8. Here it is! First time out with the new paint and interior (well, except for the few parts I need to re-install). Man, it is a BLAST!!
  9. And a lot faster than I would have imagined! The rubber / felt parts you have are the original beltline weather-strip Goes inside of the door The part matrixx needs is metal top of the door trim OK! I see what is missing now! That's interesting - on my deluxe door panels that missing piece is part of the complete door panel, not an additional piece. Sorry for the confusion!
  10. And a lot faster than I would have imagined!
  11. Thanks! Some work in store but at least now I have a clue!
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