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  1. Is there any issues with possibly cooling the fluid too much ?  I was thinking of putting one before the radiator for 2 reasons.

    1. If the fluid going into the radiator is cooler it will get heated up before going back to the transmission.

    2. If the fluid going into the radiator is cooler, it will actually help cool the engine coolant.


  2. Nice, I try to drive mine once a week to work, 45 miles each way. Taking the back roads to avoid the madness on the highways at rush hours. Just cruisin and enjoying the music.

    Working on reducing / eliminating the wind noise where the roof meets the windows. Installed a little fin on the drivers side A-Pillar outside,  and I'd say it reduced the noise by 50% since I can now hear the passengers side louder than the drivers side. Bought a bunch of different shapes from Amazon and will do more experimenting. These are little aeronautic wings that the ricers put in their trunks, fenders, and where else they can to make the car go faster. :classic_tongue:

    Windows are aligned a good as they ever will be, and it sounds like the noise is really from the wind hitting the bottom side of the roof along that edge, and not where the roof hits the widows.

    Wife thinks the fin looks tacky, but it really isn't noticeable  tucked under like it is. I'll post some pics when I decide on the final version.



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