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  1. The pic is the same boat as mine with a bit more hp.I"ve lived a mile from the ocean all my life . I got my first boat when I was thirteen and almost always had 1 ever since .Always had outboard boats , but got the bug for a hotrod V8 boat since we've been hangin at the lake the last few years. I for most of my life have been boating in the ocean, worked on lobster boats and draggers , even built them for 6 yrs when I was younger .It was hard to get the family excited about a non-ac mustang ride when it's 85 degrees , but the boat no problem .My gang really loves to go tubing behind the boat , they told me I have to be good to them on the new boat as the old 1 topped out at 40mph.:angel:My new boat will never go in salt water , but I still love living and working near it. As an ex-trucker , I"ve seen a lot of nice places across our country , but would totally go nuts if I couldn't live near the water.
  2. I'm the third owner , the p.o. owned it since it was 2yrs. old and always kept it in a garage , used in fresh water .It's 18'4"so it won't be too bad for trailering to the lake every weekend. It appears on the working hr. gauge to have 171 hrs. It's good for about 63mph and sounds incredible. The hull is capable of a lot more , a 383 stroker will get it up to 70mph , but I think for the cost of the upgrade and fuel consumption , I"ll be happy with the 350 .Now I need the ice to finish thawing from the lake.:P
  3. To all you guys that traded jokes , parts and advice........I have gone through a change in life and "Kermit460" has gone to a new home this winter. I know, I'm shocked I did it too.The first to ride bought it. The family and I spend summer weekends on a 10 mile lake here in Maine and love to get out on our boat . The mustang a.k.a. "Kermit"did'nt get used much after work ,loved the car but black vinyl and no A.C. made for an opportune temp. outside to enjoy.(Yes it does actually get hot here) I have now found a hotrod boat ,to have fun with the whole family. It's an 88 Powerplay 185-xlt with a 350 4V mercruiser 4" dual thru hull exhaust (it's loud and fast like Kermit ):)Don't hate me cause I got a "Chebbie" powered boat !:P You guys have been great and if I promise to get another Pony soon, can I still hang out ? Thank you guys for all the great times I"ve had here , Eric ...."kermit460"
  4. Ummmmm...... 460 , C6 rofl I don't even wanna know . :dodgy:
  5. ::welcome:: from Hancock county !
  6. ::welcome:: from another big block owner , sharp lookin car .::thumb::
  7. If you're getting water on both floor boards after rain ,one thing I"d check is the cowls to see if they're leaking. If you have to leave it outside , I would at least temporarily seal them up under the hood to slow further damage .
  8. Well , every once in a while you gotta give em' a rest boys ! rofl
  9. What ? , no pics ? I"ve been taking my daughters tubing as well lately. My 13 yr old is brave one challenging me to dump her in the turns , the 17 yr old hates it when I speed up . I"ve got an old evinrude 90 hp on a 16 ft boat , fun but actually harder on gas than the mach 1 .
  10. Cool Greg , were you able to talk with any of the owners and invite them to join us ?
  11. + 1 , I did the same thing on mine and I think mine came from mustangs unlimited
  12. Thumbs up from me , I always liked the torq thrust style . :cool:
  13. Whoa , take a chill pill dude . You might ask a question and a 100 people may read , but not have the answer . It's summer , we are all busy , some may not be on the site for a spell. As far as helpful , you can't find a better site . Be patient and as soon as someone reads your post with an answer most are happy to be helpful.
  14. ::welcome:: from Maine from a fellow 73 Big block member !
  15. The wife and I went to the white mountains N.H. for a get away and found pieces of ham + crackers under the dresser and feces on the toilet seat . We immediately went to the front desk and they said "It' ll take an hour for the night room cleaners to get here" I'll just take a new room that's clean I told them . Then in the dinning room we ordered dinner to receive the wrong thing and the waitress argued that that was what we ordered . :@ Skip the comment card , I e-mailed the owner and he said sorry , come back for a free night ! rofl Like I'm driving 5 1/2 hrs. again for that !:dodgy:
  16. It's priceless to see the looks on peoples faces that just got there a$$ whooped by such a sorry looking old truck . :D
  17. After spraying carb cleaner behind the idle mixture screws , a little compressed air and a few curses it finally passed whatever was bothering it and is galloping smoothly again . :banana: :D Thanks for the replies .
  18. It has a clear see-through filter that looks great , carb and fuel lines less than 4 yrs old . It runs great above idle to w.o.t. , but stalls out after a few mins. of idle , stumbles bad , then only will re-start if you floor it when cranking . Been driving at least once a week so it hasn't been sitting .
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