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  1. Yeah, I've got a pretty serious potential buyer right now. I think it really is worth the price. Its just not necessarily the best time of year to be selling it.
  2. Heres my setup. I made the flat floor in two sections and the sides removable.
  3. Ive decided to sell my beloved 1971 Mustang Convertible. This was a great car when I bought it almost 7 years ago and is a one of a kind show winner now. The car turns heads wherever I take it. It fires up faster and just as consistently as most new cars, and I wouldn't hesitate for a minute to take a road trip across the country with it. It has won many shows and attracts a crowd wherever it goes. The car was a good solid mostly original car when I bought it in 2008. The only rust was a small spot in the drivers floor and the trunk, which were both repaired correctly with no sign of ever being touched. they were then painted with POR-15 and sound deadener was applied. The car has what appears to the the original 302, that the previous owner said was rebuilt a year before I bought it. I honestly haven't done much to the engine as it runs so well. I have done gaskets on it, so that it doesn't leak. Front and rear suspension was rebuilt with all new bushings, shocks and springs in the rear. I began the refresh/restoration at the end of 2012. The original paint was either media blasted or chemically striped to bare metal to start fresh. Side marker lights were shaved as was the upper deckled panel seam and twilight panel trim. All panels were skim coated for laser straight bodywork. At the same time I bought a factory Mach 1 hood that received the same treatment. All material used was high quality PPG. Approximately 6 coats of custom mixed base coat were used to achieve proper coverage, stripes and tail panel were masked and shot in a black with a very subtle orange flake that can only be seen in just the right light. Finally 3 coats of clear coat were applied over everything. After everything was fully dry, the whole car was cut and buffed to create the glass like finish. After the repaint the undercarriage was thoroughly cleaned, sanded and undercoated. The Interior was in miraculously good shape, but I added custom TMI Sport R seat covers and foam to increase comfort and style. Wheels and tires were painstakingly chosen to fit the proportions of the car while clearing the wheel openings. I just finished discretely installing a Custom Autosound stereo system with speakers in the kick panels and quarter panels. I also have 1 thick folder of receipts, a full set of 1971 Shop manuals, original dealer invoice from Hughson Ford in San Francisco along with original owners manuals, color samples and parts forms. There are tons of other things I've done, but rather than writing a novel, the car is described well in pictures, and even better in person! Link to Build Thread. http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-chris-custom-vert-build-thread-soon-to-be-for-sale Asking $28,000 for this one of a kind Mustang. Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, I have tons more information and pictures.
  4. So I know its been a long time since Ive posted. Ive been off at college in McPherson Kansas for Auto Restoration. I bought a 1975 Toyota FJ40 that Ive been restoring to help pay for school. During the few weeks I was home I put a new stereo in the mustang from Classic Auto Sound and thoroughly cleaned the undercarriage, sanded, and undercoated it.I also Installed a new glass rear window that is awesome! Mainly just finishing touches. This brings me to my current position. Unfortunately I really don't drive the car very much, and I'm running out of projects on it. Around Christmas time I will be listing the Mustang for sale in order to fund a new project and begin building my tool collection. I wanted to post it here first to see if there is any interest. PM me for more details.
  5. Thanks everybody! I couldn't be happier with the wheels and tires, especially for the price.
  6. If you order Eddie Motorsports stuff, just be ready for it not to fit. Several people (including me) have ordered the hinges and had to send them back because they were soo far off. The cowl covers work, and I have them on my car, but I would have done them differently. Lastly their customer service leaves much to be desired. I waited almost 4 months for my stuff to show up because the more commonly made items were being made instead of mine. When I called them about the hinges not fitting, they told me that my boss (been in the auto body industry for 30 years) didn't know what he's doing, and my car had somehow been altered for them not to fit.
  7. My wheels came in early!!! Woohoo! Huge shout out to Americas Tire, they have always been great to work with. The wheels and tires came in on Tuesday, and I mounted them up Wednesday morning. They looked awesome, except the front tires just looked a little too small in the wheel wells. I went back in that evening to order new front tires thinking I would be taking a hit for choosing the wrong size. Well they ended up just charging me the $6 difference in the cost of the tires! They didn't even charge for mounting and balancing. He special ordered them as I stood there and they arrived today just in time for the car show this weekend. I ended up with a 225/50/17 on the front and 255/45/18 on the back and I couldn't be happier with the look and ride!
  8. Well... bad news, I got a call from Americas Tire, and they said there is only one 17x7 MB old school in the world. They are producing more as we speak, but it will be June 9th before they can get them. However, since the car will be on jack stands for a month, I will tackle the job of thoroughly cleaning and painting the underside. I'm not gonna go super crazy and strip all the paint off (that would take forever and be absolutely miserable without a lift) but it will look a heck of a lot better.
  9. Thanks so much for the complements! I sold my old wheels yesterday, we had to try them on his mustang to make sure they fit. It was REALLY close in the back (we had to bend the tabs on the fender lip), but they ended up clearing and he loves them. Also got the wheels and tires ordered today from Americas Tire. They ended up being more than $200 cheaper than I thought! I'm so stoked to get them on!
  10. I agree that the size of the wheel needs to match the style of the car. I'm going with a 17 x 7 with a 225 45 on the front and an 18 x 8 and 255 45 on the rear. This maintains roughly the same sidewall front to rear and the stagger I think will look really good. Mine is a restomod custom though.[/font][/b]
  11. Very cool! It's awesome to see another teenager loving an old mustang! (I'm 18) All the work looks good!
  12. Haha, thanks! I'm going with a 255/45/18 on the rear and a 225/45/17 on the front. I'm ordering them tomorrow and hopefully they will be in in about a week or so! Thanks! I mixed a custom color from PPG. It is very translucent so I had to put on 6 coats of base to even it out.
  13. Prom pictures! Luckily the weather held off and the mustang got to be my chariot to senior prom! We had a great time, and of course she loved the car. A friend from school just finished painting his 65 mustang and wanted to buy my wheels. I didn't think I was quite ready for wheels yet, but he is giving me a good price, and I found some sweet wheels and tires at Americas Tire that are not much more than I am selling mine for! I'm going with the MB Old Schools in a 17 for the front and an 18 on the rear. (I KNOW! I KNOW! Camaro on a Mustang forum...) But this is the setup I am getting. Ideally I would get some 3 piece wheels from Billet Specialties or Mht, but I would want new brakes for them to look right and another $4,000 isn't in the budget! While Im waiting on the new wheels I decided to make a nice home for them. Im cleaning and painting the rear wheel wells, which is stage 2 to having the whole underside clean and nice! Undercoating has kept everything nice and fresh! WooHoo!
  14. Thanks so much everybody, I haven't done much with it since summer, I still love the seats, and I got some new door panels for Christmas that I still need to put in. In other news I'm applying to a college called McPherson in Kansas. It is the only school in the word to offer a 4 year bachelors in Automotive Restoration, so I'm really excited about that. We were going to go to the 50th anniversary Mustang cruise in Vegas, but we decided to visit the college instead.
  15. Heres a link to my craigslist ad.http://eugene.craigslist.org/pts/4049394010.html
  16. Hmm. You weren't looking in the right places:D There were lots more than in the past and they seemed to be received very well. And of course there was mine:D
  17. Just got home from Hot August Nights. I was going to post a video of the exhaust before I left, but I couldn't get it uploaded. So anyways heres the video. And some pictures from Reno. There was a 21 and under show this year at Summit. it was cool to see and talk to a bunch of kids my age that were interested in classic cars.I also was lucky enough to win best of show there and got a $100 summit gift card! wooohooo! Cruizin' Downtown. There was another 71 vert parked at Grand Sierra. Never saw the owner, but I got some cool stock vs not so stock pictures. Then we showed in Sparks. Its one of our favorite places because of the shade. Saw this cool Mach 1 across the way. Then I got a green piece of paper that said "Don't move your car, you are being considered for an award" that was awesome considering how huge of a show it was. About 30 minutes later I got a purple paper that said "Winner" I was obviously blown away by this. I was told to stick around until 6:00 when they handed out awards. They had 5 runner up ribbons and one trophy for best of show. They counted down the awards and with each one I got more excited and nervous. When they gave away the last runner up I was thinking I was ripped off or forgotten because there was no way I was best of show. Then they announced my name that I had won! I got the chance to compete in the best of the best show on saturday, and got $250 in cash! On saturday my car was featured up by the stage with the other three daily best of show winners. And some other 71s I saw Over all an incredible trip and I got to see a total of 4 71-73 convertibles and tons of Mach 1s and Coupes. Sorry for the delayed response, the seats have smoothed out with time and heat, so they look much better now. I took measurements from the inside ridges of the bolsters and the bottom is 20" and the back is about 18". The spacers are just in between the tracks and the seat frame, so when you unbolt the frame they simply fall out.
  18. Just wondering if anybody is going to Hot August Nights. It would be cool to meet up and cruise sometime.
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