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  1. Great looking build.. Your springs made chuckle and think back to when I did mine. lol
  2. Orig 5M medium copper. repainted by previous owner to a light copper.
  3. Likewise. I hope you can get out for the cruise. The more 73's the better :)
  4. I was planning on being there around the same time. see ya there. Alex
  5. August 21st.. Anyone planning on being there? I finally have time to attend. Looking forward to a relaxing day. Weather outlook is good.
  6. GravY


    Welcome from SE Michigan.
  7. Welcome from SE Michigan.
  8. Welcome aboard from SE Michigan!
  9. Congrats from SE Michigan.
  10. GravY


    Welcome aboard from SE Michigan.
  11. Welcome from SE Michigan.
  12. Welcome from SE Michigan to another 73 vert owner.. Beautiful car!
  13. Welcome aboard from SE Michigan.. Beautiful picture!
  14. Welcome to another 73 vert owner..
  15. Welcome fellow Michigander..
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