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  1. just bumping the ad. I am placing the car up for sale locally soon. was hoping to sell the car to someone here so it would go to a good home.
  2. with a heavy heart it looks like I am placing my 1972 HO Mach 1 for sale. I promised myself that if I did not work on the car by spring that just passed or found a new place to store it inside I would sell it. I was using the car up till last fall. not everyday but just Sunday driving around. so it will run and drive. the power steering was rebuilt but still feels as if it has air in it. trans feels strong. the motor runs strong too. I have the org carb. I put a new carb on it when I bought the car back in 2013. i replaced all the fuel lines and gas tank and pumps. the rims r org mags 500. the car does have rust on the bottom of the doors quarters and fenders. the floors look good but the trunk area would be replaced. the top of the shock towers r ruff. looks like someone messed with them at one point and did not treat the metal after. the passenger piller does have a rust spot that would need to be repaired. interior is all there but needs to be done offer. the exhaust manifolds r not there. long tube headers replaced it. this was like that when I bought it. car is in NJ u can reach my at 732 779 4646 . asking 8k
  3. hey everyone. I picked up a 1998 mustang gt with a auto trans. the owner told me the car will drive in 1st and 2nd if u place the trans in that gear. but if u put the car in drive. the car will not move. he told me he put a B&M shift kit in it. I just got the car home and the starter was locked. I just got the starter freed up last night and the car started right up. after work today I'm going to try looking into the trans. so any ideas on what it could be would be great. also I might have a vacuum leak from the back of the engine. i don't think that would make an issue with the trans.
  4. can u send me some pics of the problem areas of the car. thank u, jhawtin@bop.gov
  5. SOMEONE NEEDS TO SAVE THIS CAR!! I CAME ACROSS IT ONLINE https://erepairables.com/salvage-cars-auction/cars/ford/mustang/1973-ford-mustang-20527322
  6. I can't load pics. Won't let me download from my phone
  7. i'll try posting later the pics he has.
  8. Cleveland heads. only cast codes he sent me our 3B28, and 0s26. any idea what they r for? he is saying they r either Boss or Cobra Jet.
  9. at work and I forgot to measure my bare 289 block width. anyone have the width of a bare block 289? thanks
  10. my old 67 coupe that I sold my cousin is a factory 390 car. the engine needs to be completely rebuilt. so me and my cousin thought maybe its best to do this 427 and drop in it. and keep the 390 in the garage.
  11. yea. I need him to take some pics of the stamped numbers on the engine
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