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  1. I went. I have been going to this show for over 20 years. When I lived in Pittsburgh we would make the three hour drive in for it. Now I live here, and work less than a couple miles form the show. I left work at 3:55 and made it to the ticket line by 4:00:) Swap meets are not what they once were. E-bay and Craigslist have sort of made them obsolete. That is good and bad, and I am sure it has been discussed here. As great as the web can be for making hard to find parts findable at all times of the year in all locations, I miss the treasure hunting aspect of the old days of swapping. I still recall some smoking hot pre-internet deals I found, and they are great memories. I came home with: ~2 pieces of peanut butter fudge in my stomach from a woman who has been selling it alongside her husbands parts for years. ~1 free Boss 302 poster for my five year old sons room from Ford Racing. ~1 pair of square spring hood hinges I did not need but they were nice and I got them at a decent price. I have a few sets now, which I plan to blast and then phosphate. Hopefully I can sell the spares for enough to offset the costs of buying enough phosphate solution to submerge my original set. I saw but did not buy: ~Nice looking but not perfect set of 15" trim rings for $650 ~Set of closed chamber 351 C heads, 1970 build for $100. Thought hard on this, one of the valve seats had some bad damage, and I was just not comfortable with it. Good deal for someone. ~Clutch brake pedal assembly for $225. ~65,000 mile tach speedo cluster for $200, maybe less. ~71-72 urethane front bumper for $80. In primer, with a rust ripple on each end from the metal frame rusting and expanding. I have seen much worse, but it was clearly evident. Definitely noticed less "hobbyists" selling and more regular circuit guys. I am guessing that with parts research being so easy with an I-pad now that any really good deals by a hobbyist are being bought up by the circuit guys and marked up for sale before the doors open. Vendors get in the doors at least two hours before the general public. Plenty of time to go scavenge before showtime. Still a fun evening. More enjoyable than going to a movie, and about the same price (8 dollar swap admission, 5 dollar parking). ~jim
  2. Starts today at 4:00 PM. It is Friday and Saturday again this year. Anyone going? http://springswap.com/swap_pdf/0312-582_ford_flyer_2_lr.pdf ~Jim
  3. Hi all, I have been gone for over a year (again) but this is the year (again) I am getting the Q-code back on the road. I tend to stay away when I know I do not have time to get on my project. I am back and noticed this thread. I am a second owner of a flat hooded Mach 1. This car has not been restored. I added it to the registry with the build sheet here: http://www.7173mustangs.com/registry.php?action=view&gid=214 There are some anomalies wit this car, as it also does not have the cloth insert seats. I spoke with the original owning family and they did have the hood locks added. ~Jim
  4. No joke. It took about a lap to remember why I hate plate racing. Only upshot was JJ being involved.
  5. I see it is on in prime time tonight, I will be able to watch it:) As much of a fan as I was from the late 70's through the 90's I barely watch anymore. Not sure why, but it is just not the same. I do still however enjoy the heck out of this commercial, who else remembers it? We were fans back in the Wide World Days (pre-cable) when you got to see bits and pieces of only the big races, what agony! Still remember Bill Elliott winning Riverside in 1983 s one of the few Ford wins. (Could not stand Earnhardt even when he was driving a Ford back then.) 1985 was such a great year. I was at a formative age (12 years old) and Bill was dominating, it was great! Anyway I miss those years. That commercial remains one of my very vivid memories. We would tape the races and keep the ones Bill won. If that spot came on we would keep recording rather than pause! I will watch, if only just to recall how much I enjoyed it when I was a young teen dreaming of my own 351 powered car some day. Also, if anyone is looking for a great book, Bill's book was really good: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/awesome-bill-from-dawsonville-bill-elliott/1100241357
  6. I would put "1F02R168043" into a blacklist of potential cars to buy if I am ever in the market for a Boss (not that that will ever actually happen). It does bring up the question of re-vinning. ~How much is the VIN paperwork worth for a Boss? ~If a nice 71 fastback and re-badged correctly, and all of the right parts are found to make it a Boss, is it a Boss? While it certainly would not be cheap to do, if one had a real nice 71, it would be much easier and cost effective to move the vin and find the right parts than it would to restore that former possum hotel. Is it right? If done right, does it matter? I have no answers.
  7. He's buried with stuff right now and much like myself last year he said it is too hard to visit the site knowing other priorities are going to trump playing with the Mustang. He said he will be back once he gets caught up, sometime this summer he hopes. Sometimes it is a blessing and a curse to have passions for multiple hobbies. I can relate! ~Jim
  8. He has been posting recently on another forum we are both a member of (not car related oddly, small world). He's been pretty busy with some other stuff it seems. I dropped him a PM letting him know that he is missed:)
  9. Fire sale, price dropped to 119,900! "Has a late 72 - 73 trunk lid" Don, can you tell me what the difference is between early and late trunk lids is? I never knew there were two different ones. Good to know. ~Jim
  10. This thread dredged up a classic from my high school days... Back then my buddy Matt had a 69 Firebird that was parked more often than running. It was primer black, Cragars, 350, actually kind of a cool ride for high school knuckleheads in 1990. Even as a Ford guy, I was anxious to go out cruising the local hangouts in it the night we finally got it going. Things were going well, and we were making our way down the main drag at South Park, the local haunt for guys trying to show off their cars to potential girlfriends. As my buddy Matt went pull out from a light with a jab of the gas, nothing happened. We sat at the green light idling as he mashed the gas repeatedly. A quick look at the pedal linkage and Matt found the cable broke at the pedal. Luckily We had some vice grips, so our buddy Carl drew the task of lying on the floor between us holding the vice grips and being the "throttle man". This went well, until Carl realized it was boring being down there out of sight with no view of the sights. Soon he was doing little burnouts at every light, despite Matt's growing anger with his work. This eventually got the attention of a car full of girls. Matt told Carl "Stay down there, be cool, there is a car full of hot chicks looking over." Carl said "what?". I immediately replied "Matt wants you to look over at this car full of hot chicks!" Next thing the car full of girls sees is a third head rise up in the front seat from between the two guys in the car. The girls looked both confused and shocked, and wasted no time pulling away. My buddy Carl and I were dying laughing. Matt failed to see the humor in it. A few more burnouts and lots of "slower, sower SLOWER....stay down there dammit!!!!" we did make it back in one piece. Good times...good times.
  11. Just to pick nits... "Zero shortcuts and zero excuses..." The hood latch, shock tower caps, and hood hinges all appear to be painted silver, not phosphate and oil. I went through the effort to do the latch and hinges correctly on my far from perfect mini-restoration because I did not want to see chipped paint after I opened the hood a few dozen times. I would hate to see paint chipping on those parts of this very elite car.
  12. I took one off of my 73 when I redid it. There was some rust under the vinyl in the A-pillar, and I did not have the $$$ to get a new vinyl top. That said if anyone needs the set of moldings to put one on let me know. I have a set for the offering. ~Jim
  13. I agree with Pappy. I got one at NAPA that looks exactly like that as well. Price was around the same. I always felt safe using it. Avoid the 'external' ones, I have seen a spring launch with one of those, not pretty. Jim
  14. Not mine, just something I saw on Craigslist and decided to pass along. http://columbus.craigslist.org/cto/2791874475.html
  15. "This weekend--nope, gotta be the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Director this weekend..." That is at least a good excuse to not work on the car. Here's a picture of me from 1982. May dad and older brother and I spent the entire winter working on cars and a test track. That is where I first started running a lathe and also got my first hands on experience in body work. Nine coats of PPG primer, then paint, then decals, then clear. Now 30 years later I still like to play with cars!
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