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  1. I been threw 5 parts cars. They were all useful in one way or another. Plus I made money to put back in to the project. I would try to stay under 1k for a parts car.
  2. No don't do it! Car looks perfect. Maybe if it didn't have the vinyl roof.
  3. Wow nice ride! Welcome from San Diego.
  4. Nope not sure how it got bent. It ran ok maybe a little tired. I drove it around the block a few time before I removed it.
  5. David no sign off water. The crack went to the wrist pin. At some point the timing chain had been replaced.
  6. Yes it is Jim, It's a 72 CJ block. The wife and I tore down my original 2v engine and sent both blocks off to the engine builder. I'm having the CJ block checked first and hopefully it checks out. If not hopefully the original block does. We did find pieces of timing gear in the pick up screen and a bent rod on #8. The piston was hitting the crank. Kinda surprised to find this the car ran good no noise or vibration. Funny I was consenting detailing it up and running it while I waited to do the CJ. Now the bad news. The engine builder is 4 months out do to the china viru
  7. Welcome from San Diego California.
  8. Hey Tom, Welcome back. My wife and I are looking to move to Prescott. My brother Just bought a house up there. Congrats on the new home. Mike
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