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  1. So I can just let console sit there and not screw it down! Awesome one less thing to do! I predrilled the holes before I installed the carpet. My plan is to send a poker up from the bottom and chase back down with the point a soldering iron.
  2. The one I missed out on was rust free San Diego car. The guy that scored on it got it up and running then maid it to a bullet clone. The car looks good but tell him every time I see it to remove the bullet badges.
  3. I missed out on similar car with a 351c for 500 bucks a few years back. I'm still mad at my self for not knocking on the door.
  4. Thanks Tim. I thought 8 years at the most. I hope to drive it next summer.
  5. Wow your hitting all the spots! I'm surprised all the rain AZ has been getting. I can deal with the rain just hope the 100 + degree temps are gone. Believe me I tried to cancel the trip but the wife wasn't having it.
  6. 245/60/15 on 7" wheels will give a slight polish to the top of the bolt that holds the steering box on hard left turns. You won't hear or feel it. You can run 235s to be safe. I think 245s look better.
  7. Stopped by JBA today. The motor is done just waiting to get rolled in to the dyno room. There is 4 engines ahead of it so there thinking next week. Well that freaking figures the wife and I are heading to Arizona on Friday to look around for a week. I told JBA about my vacation next week and I really wanted to see the engine on the dyno . Auston said no problem there's a Boss 302 scheduled for the dyno behind my Cleveland and there is no other engines scheduled. So they are willing to put my engine on the dyno after the Boss then tune it and let it sit there till I get back from Arizona.
  8. Well I did what said I would not do. " the I'll go back later " Through out my build I took everything to completion until now. So I pulled my seats down from the rafters and gave them a good scrubbing. Then I put some duct tape on the tears and in they went. Damn it ! Oh well I'll go back later.
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