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  1. My intention this weekend was to dig my back window out of my closet and get it ready for install. Instead I did the throttle cable and charcoal canister .
  2. A C4 behind a Q code ? That's a first for me. A cool car to have !
  3. No only a younger brother. I have been asked that question many time.
  4. Do not buy Scott drake springs. I bought a pair that supposed be 1 inch drop. They were way over arched. The car would not move at all even with a bunch of wait in back. The sway bars. These cars are nose heavy especially 73s with that heavy ass front bumper. Any one that has taken a 73 bumper on and off nose this you almost need a fork lift. That's no joke. If your plan is go with up 2-3 inches in the back your transferring weight to the front so no point on adding bigger sway bars. The object of bigger bars is corner carving. Just don't see you getting the benefits of the big bars with out lowering the car. Not saying your plan isn't good. I think these cars look awesome with a rake and big tires out back. I would go with Henikiller suggestion replace the bushings with poly bushing and enjoy the ride. Since your cruising season is right now save the spring project for the winter. Throw some shocks and some new BFGs or Copper Cobras at that bad boy and run it. You can see in the pics the BS of buying cheap springs.
  5. Call Eaton for sure. I think from the pics your looking for +2. +3 would be to much in my opinion. You could always add a 1 inch shackles if you need more over +2. A 1 inch over stock shackle would still be safe. With your convection with Eaton you may want talk about the ride Hight as well to get look your after. KYB GR2 shocks are good value. I removed the springs and axle together. Installed the font of spring first. The wife and I rolled axle into place. Had the wife balance the axle while installed shackles the body.
  6. Kevin there is one thing on the jig. It doesn't say 7173 Mustangs. com on it. Just saying.
  7. Jason after looking at the pics of your car let me just say congrats you are way ahead of the game. Repair and refine that ride don't tare it down. My brother bought a 70 Boss 302 back in 79 for 3.200 bucks. lucky S.O.B. After a couple years the engine gave up the fight and was stored in our parent's basement in Connecticut for years. Winter of 87 Our Dad hauled it out to California where my brother moved 2 years before. I flew out for the summer to help get the Boss on the road. My brother bought clean running and driving 70 coupe for 500 hundred bucks We installed the 302 2v c4 and 8 inch from the coupe into the Boss. At that point a driver restoration began. He sorted the car out and restored small parts like hinges latches headlight buckets bumper brackets suspension ect ect. So when it came time to do the full restoration those parts got boxed up and stored. If I could make 2 suggestion don't use gloss black stick with semi gloss or satin black. Gloss black looks fake and cheap in my opinion For parts use Don at Ohio Mustang, Motor city Mustang and N.P.D. C.J pony arts has really gone down hill in the past few years. Look forward to seeing memories being maid with your kids.
  8. Damn Kevin that jig is no joke nice work.
  9. Engine up date. Let me first say this has been a total exercise in patience. It's been a year since I dropped off my original 2 bolt and 72 4 bolt main blocks to who I will call engine builder #1. Well builder 1 had my blocks over 8 months and never touched them. Every time I would stop by I would get " I'm busy and check back with me in a month or so". The bummer is all the Pantera guys I talked to suggested builder #1 and my brother used him a few years back to build his Boss 302. So needless to say after 8 months I regretfully had to move on. On to engine builder #2 JBA speed shop San Diego. https://jbaspeedshop.com/ Back on a another waiting list. This time about 3 months which they said right up front. Finally I mean finally !!! thing are happening. I got the call from JBA a few weeks back that the blocks have been sonic tested and the 4 bolt main block tested thin above #5. Damn it!! If I was doing a stock build it would be fine. The good news my original 2 bolt block checked out very well. Second part of the call was that they need my flywheel to check the balance to the Scat crank and it just so happened my Tremec package showed up the day before. When I dropped the flywheel off and picked up the 4 bolt main block the 2 bolt block was in process of being board to the pistons. Yesterday I stopped by to see how things are going. Things are moving along. Unfortunately there waiting on Lunati cam . The rods and pistons are ready to go John wants to install the cam and 1 piston rod to degree the cam. The heads are in process as well. The machining on 1 head is done and drilling for the screw in studs on the second head was happening when I walled in. I'm so stoked to see this play out.
  10. Wow! John I can't fathom the pain that your felling. Rest and get well soon.
  11. Damn , last month I took a trip with my toy hauler to Medford Oregon for 8 days . I would have been interested the rear glass.
  12. For sure do a build thread. Hearing from other members is definitely motivating.
  13. Welcome from San Diego. Look forward to where you take it.
  14. Kevin, yes post the progress I'll be watching. It is a Mustang after all.
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