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  1. 1972. 351C 4v ... FMX auto.... Ram Air... Headers... 86K miles... 17" wheels
  2. 72 Convertible...351C 4v Holley, Headers, FMX Auto, Ram Air, 17" wheels, Grabber Blue, Gunmetal Gray hood/trunk stripes & rocker trim, Black interior
  3. Ended up being my "new" regulator was bad...:(
  4. 72 Convertable 351C, 4bbl Holley FMX Trans, Headers
  5. Thanks Jason... 351C...4bbl Holly...Headers...FMX... 1st car, 44 years ago was a '71 Mach 1. Going back to my childhood!
  6. YEP! Bad "new" voltage regulator! Thanks one and all! Ted in Ohio :thankyouyellow:
  7. Thank you...I'll give that a try. Will let you know what happens when I put the new, digital VR on.
  8. Thanks. VR is the D2ZF Stamped Motorcraft out of CJPP. Alternator is from Advanced Auto Parts. Had some time to put on it yesterday and found that battery voltage is the same with car on or off. 11.9VDC. :( Possible alternator cable...or...as you say-VR or alaternator
  9. Don't claim to be an auto mechanic but I'll tackle anything and am capable. Stumped on this one though. Started with a battery drain of two amps. Unplugged ALL fuses...one at a time. Still 2A drain. Unplugged voltage regular and drain stopped. Replaced voltage regulator which fell apart when removed) and drain was fixed...but now alternator light was on when started. Since everything else in this car electrically was a mess when I purchased it, I went ahead and replaced the alternator. LIGHT STILL ON! What's left? Starter solenoid and battery were also replaced while I was at it just to get new components under the hood. I'm measuring 11.9vdc at alternator and battery. New battery...voltage regulator...starter solenoid and alternator. ALt light on when car started. 351C 4bbl. HELP guys (& gals)!
  10. Shelby only about 25 miles from me. Nice to hear from you...
  11. Hello and welcome from Mansfield...Great looking convertible!
  12. Eric: They are 17 inchers. The look great but a problem is that it is impossible to find RWL tires to fit them. I had BFG T/A's on my '71 and wanted the same look on this '72.
  13. Hello and thank you. The hood has scoop painted stripes in DARK argent ... which carries through to the trunk lid. For you Mach1 guys (and gals) I can't help the temptation to post a pic of my '71 previously referred to that I bought when I was 17 and modified while in the Air Force... [attachment=12864]
  14. :huh: This site is the best group of guys (& a few gals) on the net. Nice looking vert. You can order a Marti report and learn how it came from the factory. What are the first five VIN characters? Also the door code data and buck tag plate on the front of the radiator support tell part of your cars story. Post that info & we can help decode if you like. Thanks Don: 2F03H I believe tells me that I have a convertible made in Dearborn with a 351 2V. The door data plate also gave me the suprise that it came with a blue interior. Which means someone did a nice job of painting/dying the interior black! :huh: For you Mach1 guys (and gals) I can't help the temptation to post a pic of my '71 previously referred to that I bought when I was 17 and modified while in the Air Force... [attachment=12863]
  15. WOW! Some quick and friendly replies! I'm sure I will learn much on this site. Just purchased this '72 convertible from a dealer that may not have known what he had...and I was suprised at what I received when it arrived (yes...I bought it from pics and an inspection). VIN (and dealer) indicated a 351 2V. Received a 351C 4V Holley...Headers...air shocks. Very similar to the '71 Mach1 I had 41 years ago! Still determining what I have and what it needs. Body is pretty clean...some plastic but not enough to concern me right now. Interior a little rougher but very doable. Look forward to picking your guys brains (and experience). Thanks again.
  16. Glad to find a site for what seems to be the "forgotten classic Mustang" series!
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