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  1. Försök här ! (try here) Specialty Auto Parts For Sale - Crites Performance Parts - critesperformanceparts.com
  2. Welcome from Östergötland sweden !
  3. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1972-Ford-Mustang/302950621662?hash=item468943a1de:g:YsYAAOSwypZb5GOG:rk:1:pf:0&vxp=mtr
  4. I rebuilt two toploader last year, and ordered the parts from these two companies. worked well with shipping to Europe (Sweden). http://www.kajunjon.com/Top_Loaders.htm http://www.davidkeetoploaders.com/ // Thomas
  5. Hi and welcome from Östergötland Sweden.
  6. In sweden ! http://rpglasfiber.com/?go=pro_info&id=5326426&cat=1165228&hcat=1433025&ucat=4065410&cucat=1165228 Thank you but the page doesn't respond unfortunately. The page is currently not working! Try it later. // Thomas
  7. In sweden ! http://rpglasfiber.com/?go=pro_info&id=5326426&cat=1165228&hcat=1433025&ucat=4065410&cucat=1165228
  8. Done! Just mount and hope it's working properly.
  9. The reason that the gear box broke was that the person who renovated it had put in the wrong input shaft. It only had 22 teeth and it should be 23. So it did not match the cluster gear. It has had a mysterious sound all the time on the first three gears. Now I know why. I prefer to do as much as I can by my self on my cars so I can not blame anyone else. // Thomas
  10. With the 572 Boss Engine ! When shifting from 2-3. // Thomas
  11. Yes, finally my gearbox parts have arrived. Just start washing and putting it together. // Thomas
  12. http://www.mustangandfords.com/how-to/drivetrain/mump-1010-how-to-install-a-five-speed-in-a-1971-to-1973-mustang/
  13. I used my original brake booster to the car! // Thomas
  14. Do not think PG has any. But ask him. Maybe I know about one here in Sweden. Was offered to buy it a few years ago. Can hear if it is still for sale. // Thomas
  15. Hi again, Why should it ( truck bell housing) not be used ? Will the Toploader input shaft be too far regarding the support ( as we figured out already) ? So to increase the support an extra length for the bearing 6 3/4" - 6 1/4 " = 12.7 mm should handle the matter ? This would mean double length for the bearing . The current machined bearing is 8 mm thicker than the original so it should not be too long... What do you say ? Found that info on David Kee´s page ! I bought a Boss 429 bell hausing and got no problem. I Always prefer the right stuff to avoid any problems. // Thomas
  16. Bellhousings that will be used with a Toploader must measure 6 1/4" deep. If it measures 6 3/4" deep it is a truck bellhousing and should not be used.
  17. Perhaps this could be something! http://www.classiccars.se/classic/p_detalj.asp?txtLopnr=86783&txtVar=1
  18. It is the input shaft as well as the corresponding drive on cluster gear that has broken. It was renovated over 15 years ago, I bought it in 2004 so it's been a while since it was renovated. It was lying in the garage for a long time before the car was ready. Both the input and output shaft are new and it turns out that gear has not gone a lot. Looks new. So there is probably no bad renovation. However, it appears that the input shaft is a 3piece unit, do not know if they were worse than org 1 piece that apparently is available today. But I'll ask David Kee! // Thomas
  19. The one in the picture is bought repro to 70 Mustang! Bought two so I have a similar to my 70 Boss. // Thomas
  20. That seems to be a well-sorted company, should contact them. Thanks for the tip ! // Thomas
  21. Thought the toploader was bulletproof. But I learned the hard way. Just buy new parts and try again. Do not know why it happened it was completely renovated when I bought it. And it has not rolled many miles. // Thomas
  22. It is used as often as I can. Works really well maybe a little too much torque / horsepower. But I'm getting used to it now. Must use the accelerator pedal with caution // Thomas
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