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  1. Hey everyone, my relay went out for my 73 for the power windows. When a friend helped install the new one, it’s live all the time. We were hoping someone would have a tip on maybe where we are miss wiring it etc. attached is a just stock pic of what it looks like. It mounts in the engine bay on the firewall.
  2. Howdy Mustang fam, on my 1973 my power window regulator broke. The gentleman helping us showed how the little retainer nut guy broke out so it’s not moving up and down. I tried to find aftermarket replacements but no one sells the power window version. If anyone has a fix and or one for sale please let me know :) thanks as always
  3. I think I found it but does it remove? It looks like it’s maybe welded on there. Sorry, I have no idea what you're refering to, what's welded on? This is what delawarebill is refering to, see red arrow. This rubber tube connects to a steel line that goes back the the gas tank vent. At the tank, it is connected with another rubber tube. Pull the rubber tube off the canister and apply compressed air to it.... gently. NOTE; this pic is for the 71, but the 73 I believe is similar. Rubber vent tube on tank. TIP: Always use Fuel Injector grade hose, ethanol resistant, for ALL rubber pieces of the fuel system. I’ll have to see what I can find. Plan on dropping the tank today. Thanks so much
  4. I think I found it but does it remove? It looks like it’s maybe welded on there.
  5. Some of this I have no idea what it means. It has the petronix system, and since it’s running well once warmed up a bit I guess maybe just leave it alone and if the exhaust normally might get black just from use I won’t worry :)
  6. It’s a 3/4 race cam. Because the exhaust tips are black someone said it’s running rich. At start up it ideals rough, which maybe is just the choke setting. Once it gets going after 5 mins or so it runs perfect, ideals really nice at a stop light.
  7. Burning rich. We’ve adjusted the carb, but was told with the electronic switch from points needs to have a hotter plug? We also changed I think it’s the ignition when getting rid of points.
  8. Carb, compression no idea, 91, electronic. Think it’s like 32 bore if that’s a right term, intake, 4 barrel, headers, bigger cam
  9. Hey everyone, I have just OEM recommended copper plugs for my 351, but need 2 steps hotter the engine guy told me. Anyone have recommended tips for plugs? We did mild stuff like cam, intake, carb, but changed some other stuff and guess they’re not hot enough but part stores don’t seem to know about older engines.
  10. Thank you for the pic I’ll have to drop the tank to see. The filler neck goes over that correct?
  11. Hey again everyone. For some reason I can’t get rid of a venting issue on the 73. It only allows 9 gallons on the money to go in each time, yet is 23 gallons. We have tried some random things to help but doesn’t seem to work. Any tips or suggestions if this is a common problem?
  12. Sounds good! Thanks for the clarification. And does the air cleaner flapper vacuum piece one go from the air cleaner assembly to that port on the carb?
  13. Thank you for the posts. No idea what any of that means but I'll try to figure it out! Appreciate the responses.
  14. Hey everyone. Car is finally done but need to install the vacuum hoses for the ram air. Got the ram air on and a friend put one line on for the flapper doors but not the air cleaner one. So when I went to with my dad he has them on a tube on the intake and I thought the hoses had maybe connected onto the carb? I have 2 pics below that will hopefully explain what I mean. But currently with where he connected the flapper door hose, when starting the car and giving it gas the little doors don’t move. So if anyone has tips or pics of where the hoses go that would be great!!!
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