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    1972 mach 1"Q" code 4 speed
    white /black int.


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    Hagersville Ontario Canada

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  1. Hi ..I have a 4300D with that exact tag code !! D3ZF-MA I personally removed it from a 1973 Q code motor that I bought ...it will need a rebuild..it has been sitting for about 15years..send me a private email...Jeff
  2. Gentleman ..I need to sell some of my parts collection,.. out of work and my mom in the hospital.. 71-73 black fold down interior.. pretty much complete except for the rear seat upright backrest part ..the rear side panels are NOT cut up for speakers as many of them are. VERY hard to find these and expensive if you do find them . trap door ,all brackets and latches(as far as I know), folding part ,rear interior molding, side upper moldings, black console, ..black dash pad.. no door panels mach 1 front seats and rear bottom, no rips ,black with grey stripes but the center pleated sections have previously been redone in light blue(before I got them) prefer to sell as a complete lot..$1600 Canadian $ for all of it (approx. $1200 US) this will be way to hard too ship and very costly so pickup is preferred.. I am 1.5 hrs west of Niagara falls border..Hagersville Ontario email is jeff.mikich039@hotmail.com or call text my cell 905 928 5158..can send pics from my cell if you text or call thanks have a great day ..thanks ,Jeff
  3. I can see why ! .. thanks Thanks John
  4. Nice shot and great to be invited to join in an event like this. Here's the blog link hopefully: http://blog.ford.ca/2014/05/02/mustang-celebrates-50-years-in-style/ Thanks ,yes that is the link..Jeff Definately agree !! thanks thanks
  5. thanks Steve .. it does stand out in a crowd
  6. along the grand river in Caledonia Ontario near sunset
  7. My 72 Q code 4 speed..snapped in the rearview mirror of a good friends 69 Mach 1 we were enroute to Toronto last year for Mustangs 50th photoshoot... it can be seen on Ford.ca ...blogs... look for the video with the cars making up the big 5 0.. I'm in the video..interviewed by ford reps that put the video together
  8. my 30 seconds of fame lol @ Ontario place with my 72 mach 1 [video=youtube]mustangs 50th photo shoot
  9. Hi thanks for the response ..I believe I ordered my elite marti around dec. /early jan. .. got it two weeks ago
  10. Hi thanks for the comments...245/60/15 on rear..225/60/15 front.. I think it gives the car the right look and stance thank you thank you thanks ..I was pretty surprised and happy
  11. I was pretty happy to get this in the mail last week
  12. welcome from Canada ..NICE car !! love the under hood detail (and color of course)..I too would like to see more pics without the air cleaner(vacuum line routing)..you will find lots of helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly people on this site ..cheers Jeff 72CJ4speed
  13. Hi I just joined this group and noticed you have fold down panels ..I am just south of Hamilton Ont...and interested in those panels ..can you email with details please ..thanks Jeff
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