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  1. Thanks for the welcomes guy. My current plans with this car are to keep it in its' current look. I just want it to be cleaner. I've got to weld a new trunk floor in and a passenger floor. I want to strip the interior, build an alluminum dashboard, put a rollcage in her, and racing seats. The car has air shocks in the rear and sits very staggered. I loved the look of the car. Pure testosterone. Current plans are to take the 302 out, bore .30 over and rebuild. I'm also looking at putting a different transmission in her. Looking for a manual.
  2. Hey guys, what's up. I just bought my first project car. I'm a 21 year old military guy and I'm ready to get my hands dirty fixing my new dream car. This thing is going to need some work. As far as I can tell, it needs new everything. The night I bought it, I drove it home 100miles and as soon as I hit my driveway, a freeze plug popped out. Been having trouble with it ever since. It's time for a rebuild and a restoration. Motivation: [video=youtube]
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