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    Sold 1972 Vette Looking for 1971-73 Mach1


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  1. Thanks to all for the warm welcome. I don't have any digital pics of the Vette. I could scan the paper ones I have at some point. I wasn't sure if posting Vette pics on a Mustang site was going to be cool or not. You asked, I'll send. I will look for the pictures.
  2. "I like my car for what it is, I like making it what is in my mind the best of what I see it as being. I don't want a 'pony car" I want muscle, and I don't always want finesse, I want tail wagging, tire smoking, exhaust wailing acceleration that is so obnoxious that anyone witnessing just has to shake their head and wonder." HA! HA! Well said, Jeff.
  3. I'm looking to find a Mach1 and do a mild resto/mod to it. I love the stock look, magnum 500s, and stock paint scheme. My last project was a 72 Vette. 350 ZZ4 crate engine, muncie 4spd (m20), 3:55 gears. I updated the suspension w/poly bushings bigger sway bars, lowered springs and gas shocks. I ran the stock 15x8 ralleys w/BFG tires. 255/60s rear, 235/60s front. I ran headers into a chambered exhaust. The car had a wicked exhaust note. She handled good, (for an old car on BFG's) looked great, but was not that comfortable. The 350 was rated at 355 hp. Chassis dyno read 265 rwhp. The car wieghed 3280 lbs w/half tank of fuel. The IRS bit hard, but kinda took the fun out of driving it. Burn outs were a 4,000 rpm clutch drop, otherwise it just went. I would like to duplicate the handling, increase the comfort and bump up the performance/hp. Tall order, but I think its achievable. Plus I would have a trunk.
  4. Hello. New guy from MA. Here. I have sold both my fun cars and am looking into getting another. I recently traded my 2012 Mustang GT 5.0/6spd/Brembo car and had sold my resto/moded 72 Vette a couple years ago. I love the look of the 71-73 body styles and am trying to learn more about them. So far this site seems great!
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