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    1973 Mustang Coupe
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    Evansville, Indiana

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  1. I am looking for sheet metal for my 73 Mustang. Has anyone used fenders and a decklid from Sherman Parts? Are they quality pieces? Thanks, Mark
  2. Hi, Another new guy from Indiana. I am working on my 73 Coupe. This is the second time around from this car. I bought this car out of a junkyard in 1979. IIRC, it had about 50,000 miles. Nice car, but it had been hit in the driver's side. Replaced the doghouse, door, and quarter panel, and had the car repainted. Stock 302, stick shift. I changed it over to a toploader 4 speed and drove it for 5 years. Engine problems, so I parked it. That is was in 1984. About a year ago, I got the car out, and starting to work on it again. This time, it will have a 393 Windsor, Close Ratio 4 Speed, and 9 inch with Nodular Case, 31 spline axles, 3.89 with a trac-lok. I have the drivetrain, and now looking for sheet metal. Mark
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