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  1. Just did my 73 4v with a blue thunder with ram air. Had to make mods to the air clearer so the distributor would tuck in right.
  2. Made this jig with the hole saw, (2) 3/4 pieces of plywood and taped till it fit snug. Added the wood screw to keep it falling into the hole and as an index. Awesome tips here. All that's left to do it the adjustments like Jeff originally stated. Many thanks.
  3. Use the hole saw to cut a core from some 1/2 - 3/4 plywood. Wrap tape around the plywood core until it fits securely in the factory hole. Since you already have the center hole drilled in the core, use that to locate the initial drill hole in the hood. If you try to tape the hole saw itself, the tape will tear and create a wad, which could offset the center. I like this idea alot! Thank you so much. :goodpost:
  4. I'm sitting on a pair of these too. I've even bought a brand new 3 inch hole saw, LOL. Could ya post a pick of the bottom brackets if you get a chance? The 3 inch hole saw does still leave about a half inch around the under hood hole. It's centering that has me scared. Thinking of loading up the hole saw with electrical tape so it just fits the opening and is centered. Open for ideas here. :-)
  5. Dude thanks so much for this build thread. I had seen this mod you did before but forgot what page so I started scrolling through to find it. This build thread is like the go-to for a 73. Many thanks. :-) pix image
  6. Here's a 72. Be patient and get exactly what ya want. Took me 3 months at least. http://www.gatewayclassiccars.com/atlanta/1972/ford/mustang-S67.html
  7. Works fine last a long time. Got new rear KYB's yesterday too. Thanks for the post search that showed how to remove the rear fold down. Pony up yall. Happy Friday.
  8. Anyone got a solution to this? The EGR spacer will need to come off so the hood will close. I could tap and plug the hole but its going to leave this gap where the valley is in the manifold/ Currently fabricating one out of steel but its a real pain in the butt.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZkvC55BsJM
  10. I put some KYB front shocks on right away when I took delivery cause the bushings were torn up. I was looking at these but can't find where they say if they will fit, how much they are? http://www.kyb.com/products/agx/ I found these on Summit. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/mon-58539st/applications/year/1973/make/ford/model/mustang?ibanner=SREPD2 It does say they fit, and I kinda like they way they look and price. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Cole
  11. Cool beans, now I know exactly what it will look like. Mine's a 73 v4 stock carb and manifold. Thanks Bro!
  12. I do appreciate all the info, and the sale price. Should be week after I get started on it. I'll take pics on the install. I always say that and then get all busy. Looks like a little trail and error involved. This is a spare 4v manifold I have, not sure of the year. I'll possibly need taps for these two holes. Just wanna make sure I take all the right tools up to my buddies shop.
  13. So I did install it last winter. The EGR hole had already been tapped and plugged. I just removed the EGR and remounted the carb. All good! Thanks Matt. And thanks to Ohio Mustang. Order sent. :-)
  14. I know this is an old post was there ever a solution? The EGR spacer will have to be removed (searched tons here). Will there need to be a gasket for heat and to cover up the EGR hole mentioned in the manifold? Probably gonna pop this as my next major upgrade. I know no HP from this. But it looks so freaking cool!!!
  15. Thanks yall. Air shocks are the next thing to go. Need to research a little and find how and what part of the fold down seat needs to come out. :-)
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