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  1. Anyone use this or try to put one on your mustang https://www.summitracing.com/parts/bmm-80775?seid=srese1&cm_mmc=pla-google-_-shopping-_-srese1-_-b-m&gclid=Cj0KCQjw_ZrXBRDXARIsAA8KauSs8dQ23nmn-7d1pCguboxeZRsR7bHViDhXeBz2wmMbbqjd4Gr5pK8aAnT-EALw_wcB
  2. Is there a aftermarket 4 speed auto to replace my 3 speed c6, I can't find anything out there and I tried searching the threads so sorry if this is a redundant post. please help..
  3. I just moved the center trim out to the edges and removed the driving lights
  4. what hot lead did you connect to ... thanks also what glue did you use to stick em on
  5. those are amazing, i want some, i cannot find the kit for the 3 gauge cluster in the middle. Where did you buy these? Also did you have to remove your steering wheel to apply. Side note: I have that same stereo!
  6. Thanks thats great it really helped, I'm actually gunna raise my front end up 2 inches to make the car level. i like a jump stance.
  7. Anyone have any tips on replacing my shocks and springs on my front end. My right front tire has a lot of play, and squeaks a lot. It the tire that gets the most wear on these horrible l.a. streets. I need tips and do and do nots on replacing my shocks and springs. Also any ideas of upgrading them as well. Thanks in advance. Always appreciate pics..
  8. How do i install the felt on the 73 deluxe door panels, there are no holes in the repop ones and it looked like the old ones are pop riveted on. any help thanks in advance
  9. thank you, i did find a great color to match it with .
  10. Anyone know the closest paint color to the 73 interior off white
  11. i have new dash panels for a 73 mustang and i need to know the size of the socket for those thread nuts that are holding the panels on. plus whats the average size of the nuts holding the radio to the panel. I need to buy a long socket for these or a special tool, any sugesstions. thanks in advanvce.
  12. Well since the seatbelt dash light hasn't worked for years, i guess i can let that sit unplugged. Anyone know about the spacer situation, it there a fix or replacement part.
  13. Anyone know that the electrical cable is for on my seats, they are not power nor have any electrical in them???? set belt sensor?? anyway do i need to keep this connected? also i think one of my spacers for the convertible front seat is broken the seat sits low on one side . is there replacements for this. thanks for anyones help on this..
  14. Anyone ave pics of the where the seats bolts are to remove the front seats. Getting my seats redone. Anyone have pics or a diagram of the location of the bolts my car has support frame rails so its hard to see the location of the bolts, I'm not just a dummy lol
  15. OK I have been driving my car kinda rough. I cant help it my 351 is a beast. So now i hear rattling coming from the gas tank, and the car loses power, sputters and backfires. Is this the sending unit loose or a loose baffle. anyone have ideas on this.
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