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  1. Black Betty was her name. She was a '76 Mustang II Cobra II, black with gold stripes, with a 302/4 speed. I hammered that car. Had to rebuild the motor after the gf's ex put sugar in the tank. She was a screamer after that. I loved the body style and hatchback. I installed larger wheels and tires, rolling the fender lips to keep from cutting into those big Mickey Thompsons. Would love to find another one someday.
  2. We will be moving to Rice Lake. It's a small town east of the twin cities and north of Eau Claire. It's pretty far north for a guy who hasn't lived north of I-10 since 1988. I plan on having a portion of the garage area just for my car and bike projects (Mustangs and H-Ds). I hope to include an area to watch football and car shows in, maybe some refreshing beverages. I hope to be a long-term member of this community and will let others know when the place is hospitable for visitors. I saw a few good vehicle candidates on Auto Trader Classics the last few months. There was a nice '71 for sale in Miami that just recently got away. I shouldn't even be looking until I'm ready to go inspect one and make the deal in person. But I have nothing else to do but make plans and parts lists.
  3. Thanks for all the welcomes. I don't have a firm timeline when I'm going to be back for good, but right now it looks like maybe 1 Jan 2015. Maybe earlier if the military pulls out of here before then. I like all the ideas everyone had. I don't plan on having just one use for my car, so I'm sure I will have as much body roll as Jeff in his drop top '73. I drove a Miata for a while and had a blast, but being Irish with Irish skin, a convertible is lost on me. Six spots removed so far and counting, and that is six too many. So, no verts for me. I like the fastbacks, but I think a coupe is the car for me. Another '76 Cobra II would be a blast to autocross. I threw mine around the streets of San Antonio for a few years back in the early 80s and will never forget those days. Nor will I forget the 17 tickets I received in the first 8 months after I built the motor. I like the '71-73 coupe's body lines, size, availability, value, and uncommon popularity when you see one rolling down the road occasionally. I want to get my hands on one before you-know-who bans automobiles over 20 yrs old. It may take me a couple years to get it where I want it, but the winters in Wisconsin will give me plenty of time to work on it uninterrupted. I recently bought an old muffler shop building up there. My wife wants a small store to fart around with, and I get the 3200 sqft garage for my farting around! Wahoo!! I may have to look for a good car in Tucson before we make the move. And yes, I will definitely need everyone's help with it. Thanks again for the replies.
  4. Hello, Just another new member. I don't currently have a Mustang, but I want one. I am a retired USAF cat still serving as a contractor in Afghanistan. I have a little time at the end of the work day to surf what kind of toy I want when I come back to the real world. I have surfed all kinds of old car sites for months. I have narrowed it down to a 71-73 Mustang coupe. A lot of things are involved in that decision, to include prices and parts availability. Mostly, I think it's a nice looking car with plenty of muscle potential. I have had a few hot rods in my day. I bought a '57 Belair with lawn mowing money when I was 15 yrs old. Had a '73 'Cuda in high school, and a '68 Chevelle after that. I even owned a '76 Mustang II Cobra II back in the "80s. It was a 302 4-speed that I built up. It was fast and ugly. Enter military service, no play toys for the last 28 yrs. So now I am looking at available mustangs online. I will use it as a daily cruiser, maybe some traveling, and would like to be able to auto-cross a little bit just for fun. I would like to find a unit with a good body to start with, nothing collectible. There would be suspension and brake mods, interior upgrades, and a modern drive train. Sounds like a million other wish lists, I'm sure. Since I've been out of the mechanical stuff for a while, I will be spending even more long hours researching vendors, parts, and advice from people with experience. I'm glad I found this site and will explore every page of it in due time. Good luck to everyone with their current projects. Dennis[/size][/font]
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