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  1. So I have a set of used 14 inch Magnum 500 rims that have the satin black paint starting to peel off. Has anyone made a masking template or a tutorial on how to restore these? Thanks, Chet
  2. So my windshield is cracked and I found a good deal for a replacement including installation for around $250 or $150 shipped. The problem is my 73 Convertible is in need of extensive restoration (Inner rockers, Rear quarters, Cowl, fender aprons, floor pans). For this reason I think I'd be better off installing the windshield myself after all the repairs are made. I tried installing one on an 89 Firebird, but it leaked. :-/ Anyone here have some advice on tools needed to remove the trim, types of sealers/gaskets + installation methods? Chet
  3. I like the letters better, but my 73 has the script only.
  4. I like idea of the Coral + the running pony and the grill lights.
  5. This is great info Dave! What brand is that rotisserie? I've toyed with the idea of making one, but buying one would be better as my fab skills are not top notch. Chet
  6. So I anticipate replacing my floors on my 73 rag and since I'm in there already why not do the inner rockers replacement as well? (I fear they may be rusted). My question is are there any good pictures or guides of guys welding in temp braces on convertibles to provide support while doing major floor/rocker repairs? Regards,Chet
  7. Also, when you replace the inner and outer wheel houses + the trunk extension drop off panels is it obvious as to where they cut out and re attached to?
  8. This thread is awesome!. Been looking for some pictures and info for years about the 71-73 rear quarter skins. So after the cuts are made and the welding begins are you doing a series of spot welds 1st and then connecting them with longer bead welds or it this all filled in with spot welds? Chet
  9. Hey can anyone recommend a vendor who sells the Goodmark lower rear quarter patch panels? Thanks, Chet
  10. Thanks Dave, yeah they make some nice re pros, I was just hoping to find a cheap used one from someone parting out a car looking to get rid of one. I'm not really concerned with accurate date codes as my car is not original. Chet
  11. Hi, I'm looking to buy a windshield glass for my 73 Convertible. Willing to travel the NJ/NY/PA area. Thanks, Chet
  12. Hi, I'm interested in buying the windshield glass if its still available. Regards, Chet
  13. Wow............those Ford cover plates look hideous! I may just squirt a blob of silicone sealer in the antennae hole and put the chrome antennae cover on it until I can weld the hole shut and fill it.
  14. Im not opposed to trying hinges 1st but I just wanted some guidence as to what Im looking for.
  15. So because my doors "sag" and no longer line up with the rear quarters I suspect I have rusted inner rockers. (When I sit in the drivers seat I'm unable to open the door from the inside). My question is should I remove the seats and carpet to view the extent or the damage or can I tell from looking at the underside of the car? Not looking forward to paying for this fix, but it will likely come to that as it's not within my skill set . Chet
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