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  1. Welcome from Alabama nice Mustang .
  2. Yes it shook . but not this bad. Everything on the front end is new. Thanks.
  3. I took my 71 and had the front end Alignment. New tires and the rear springs replaced. When I left the shop i thought I had a Flat . No flat Go the car up to about 50 Shakes like hell. Took it back to the shop they could not find anything wrong.Every thing on front end is new. I drove 35 mph back home this car is shaking bad and rides rough. Help thanks.
  4. For Sale 71-72 front urethane bumper. The bumper has been in the rafters of my barn for about 15 years. Bumper is in nice shape.Just need paint to match your car. #550.00 plus shipping
  5. Welcome from Alabama. Nice 73
  6. Welcome from Alabama.
  7. Found it after # 5 belt gouge in pulley.
  8. About 6 to 8 miles.I have let it set in the yard and run for about 20 min before driving .
  9. Ok I checked everything . Every think looks correct installed new belt yep it broke that's number 4. Going to look for a larger pulley for the alternator what y'all think. Thanks
  10. Alternator is about 2 years old.
  11. Question about belts. On my 71 I have broken 3 Alternator belts in the last two weeks any idea whats going on.? I have checked every thing I can think of.Thanks

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