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  1. Welcome from Alabama nice Mustang .
  2. Yes it shook . but not this bad. Everything on the front end is new. Thanks.
  3. I took my 71 and had the front end Alignment. New tires and the rear springs replaced. When I left the shop i thought I had a Flat . No flat Go the car up to about 50 Shakes like hell. Took it back to the shop they could not find anything wrong.Every thing on front end is new. I drove 35 mph back home this car is shaking bad and rides rough. Help thanks.
  4. For Sale 71-72 front urethane bumper. The bumper has been in the rafters of my barn for about 15 years. Bumper is in nice shape.Just need paint to match your car. #550.00 plus shipping
  5. Welcome from Alabama. Nice 73
  6. Welcome from Alabama.
  7. Found it after # 5 belt gouge in pulley.
  8. About 6 to 8 miles.I have let it set in the yard and run for about 20 min before driving .
  9. Ok I checked everything . Every think looks correct installed new belt yep it broke that's number 4. Going to look for a larger pulley for the alternator what y'all think. Thanks
  10. Alternator is about 2 years old.
  11. Question about belts. On my 71 I have broken 3 Alternator belts in the last two weeks any idea whats going on.? I have checked every thing I can think of.Thanks
  12. Welcome from Alabama .
  13. Nance

    Buck Tag

    They match.Here is a photo
  14. Nance

    Buck Tag

    My 71 has it on the passenger core support. But it also has one on the passenger side shock tower support brace. Is this kinda odd ?
  15. Nance


    Welcome Nice Mustang .
  16. I have the bumper and the support. I will take some photos of it this week end if you need some. The bumper is not mint. but very good .
  17. Welcome from Alabama. Nice Mustang.
  18. I live on a farm . Every thing 73pony has listed above is what I do. Good luck !
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