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  1. Powersteering.com is checking, but said it's rare. It's pitted at the seal, so my rebuilder says it's going to leak. Thanks everybody.
  2. Rebuilding my steering box to find that the input shaft (31 spline 13/16) is pitted. Rebuilder says he has a 3/4" 36 spline he can replace with. Of course I'd like to keep it original as possible. Anyone got one they'd part with? Take the whole box, too, if that's an option. It's tagged as a SPA-T. Thanks!
  3. My fixed rear seat J-code had a space saver in it when I bought it from the original owner in 73. No reason to believe he added it. It had 15" wheels, but I think the spare was a 14 if I remember right.
  4. http://429mustangcougarinfo.50megs.com/oil_cooler.htm The confusion over factory oil coolers largely owes to the factory-installed power steering fluid cooler http://429mustangcougarinfo.50megs.com/steering.htm
  5. Engine (SCJ solid lifters + holley 780 carb/intake; CJ Rochester Quadrajet, Hydraulic cam - same cam as the Boss 9 was shipped with BTW). Gear Ratio: 4.11 or 3.91 One pretty solid dead giveaway on whether a J-code body belonged to a CJ or SCJ is the presence (or not) of a return fuel line from the fuel pump back to the tank. The CJ has a return line, the SCJ does not.
  6. Good luck. I paid north of $1,000 to replace mine (stupid teenage decision bitd) and that was 10+ years ago.
  7. Nice build. Not perfect, but looks nice. If it gets interest, it will probably hammer in the $60-75k range.
  8. I know a guy, here in Texas AAMOF, who sold his ram air setup to a guy with a silver 71 351 Mach back in the 70s. Don't know if it was a 4v or 2v.
  9. Looks like a frankenstein to me. Shifter, back seat upholstery, overspray, wrong hood, sloppy panel gaps, etc, etc.
  10. Thanks! The D0VE-Cs (smaller ports and valves, closed chamber) are the hot setup for the strip in a 29. The D0OE-R ports and valves are actually *too big* (NASCAR influence). Smaller intake ports increase intake velocity which pushes the power curve down - and low-end torque way up - in the RPM range which is what you need for 1/4 and 1/8 mile runs. The R heads are better suited for displacements of 460 and beyond that have beefy enough rotating assemblies to wind tight. The Sig Erson cam profile we ran for a while (and is in the car now) was short duration, high lift (292, .600) for
  11. December 2016, Pages 78-80. Woohoo! lollerz Hemmings Muscle Machines Banana Article DEC2016 - PROOF.pdf
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