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  1. Yeah, but I'm dyslexic. Instructions are not my forte! LOL The spoiler attached this ways makes the drag coefficiencie better. LOL Do you mean FMX? I have never heard of a 429/FMX combo from the factory. I ran a small block FMX behind my 460 for several years using a bellhousing from a 351M/400 FMX which has the big block pattern and it worked fine. Perhaps that is what was done with the 71 Torino. Typo. I did mean FMX.
  2. thanks to everyone who replied to my post. I just posted in the Introductions form as well (you know how us noobs can be - LOL). I'll keep everyone up to date as soon as the money starts flowin again! LOL. Another question for everyone - The 429 I'm transplanting into the Stang came with an AMX auto trans (71 Torino). I want to use it, but I see a lot of people that have 429's use C6 trannies. I'm gonna stay with an auto, I DO NOT like manual trannnies, so please no posts trying to twist my arm (LOL). And you can trust that I've been all over the 429mustangcougar s
  3. Just want to say hello to everyone here at 7173 Mustangs.com. I've found and great home for me and my 73 Mach 1 and look forward to making some friends. Little bit about me, I did 20 years in the Army, retired at Ft. Bragg, NC (Fayetteville, NC). Hobbies include my 73, my Harley Street Glide, my youngest son's sporting events, and our dirt bikes. Other than that, just looking to turn the 73 into a street pounder and looking at getting a newer Shelby Cobra (07-13) as well. Hope to hear from everyone soon. Jeff
  4. Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum, but I've found my home for me and my 73 Mach 1! Here's the deal: I've got a 429 ready for rebuild and I'm gonna swap it out for the 302 that's in the stang. Can anyone direct me to someone who has done a 429 swap into a 73 Mach 1? I've read everything I can on doing it and I have just about every Mustang mag there is, but I'm still not sure on what this will all entail. If anyone can help me out, I'd appreciate it. Thanks, Jeff
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