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  1. The two numbers I tried through Marti: 1F178252 1F173252 Looking now for the technology to read the metal deformations to determine the VIN.
  2. Found an engine stored away near Sheridan IL. about 7 years ago. Was looking for a display engine to take to car shows and the gentleman selling it clearly had an original 429 CJ 4 bolt engine that had never been taken apart. Don't think the carburetor is original to the engine, but everything else is. Now, I'd like to find the current owner of the car and reunite the two. The original owner may have removed the engine to rebuild it, then the years came and went and the body was sold and the engine stayed in storage. The main problem is the partial 1F VIN on the block is very hard to read and the two numbers I tried through Kevin Marti were wrong. I was told the car was yellow with about 80k miles, automatic transmission, and I believe the car and motor were separated in the 1980's. Any '71 C-code, probably not a J-code, Mach 1's missing an original engine out there? Since I acquired the engine I rebuilt the original distributor, fuel pump, water pump, starter, tuned it and painted it for display. I also performed a cold leak down test and it does appear to need a rebuild, but it has good oil pressure, 65 PSI. Put a 1977 intake (marine?) on it so I could use a Holley for easy running, then used a 4 speed bell housing to mount on the stand.
  3. Thank you for posting this image! But, I just found the shift lever I need, a 7831 Hurst. Enjoy the weekend!
  4. Around 1988, the original shift lever in my car was cut in half for "short throw" and welded. It's ruined! So I need a lever badly. Willing to take anything; even something that needs a complete re-chrome. Thanks to all.
  5. Update: I found one! Thanks to all! I need a Hurst shift lever from a 1971 Mustang top loader. New or used, original or reproduction. The 1970 design is very similar and would work as well. Will buy the whole shifter body and rods if desired. Thank you for reading!
  6. I just tried to install them and they DON'T FIT! The seats are too large for the space between the floor boards and the ceiling. I thought that once I put power to the seats, and collapsed the seat track, they might fit, but nope! The modern cars have much lower floor boards and much more head room. Oh well, these seats are fantastic and I'll just save them for another project. Thanks to all who read this post.
  7. Thank you for this guidance. 1.) I do not have the accessory option so I'll get the fused terminal from Midlife and add it to my fuse box. 2.) I'll see if I can get the max amps for the motors from Ford.
  8. I want to install a set of 2015 Mustang cloth seats into my '71 fastback. Has anyone done this swap? I'm swapping out the factory bucket seats, both of the new seats are power and soooo Nice! I'll need to fab-up some brackets and I'm getting the wiring schematic for both seats from Ford. Once I figure out the power and ground I'll need to know where to take power from! These seats are huge! I hope they fit! Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading!
  9. HERE YOU GO: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.ebay.com/itm/1971-73-Mustang-Power-Steering-Oil-Cooler-/281773674670?hash=item419b0510ae&vxp=mtr -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- see also thread with post eddyw: http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-power-steering-fluid-cooler Thank you for this reply. I did see this part but it has a very unrealistic price. So, I am still looking for a driver quality part. I hope someone has one!
  10. My Power Steering is failing due to high oil temperatures. I need the small oil cooler (radiator) D1ZA-3D746-AA or -AB, that mounts on the PS bracket (non-AC) in the attached link photo and an attached image. I hope there is one out there! http://www.boss351registry.com/Car-Images-1/Pictures-7-11-04/downsized-2/car%20parts%20for%20sale%20&%20BOSS%20PARTS%20055.jpg I have already found the long hose that lays over the right strut tower brace. Hopefully adding this hose and the cooler will get me back on the road! Thanks for reading!
  11. Ok, sounds good to me. Let me know how much you want for them. Thank you.
  12. Looks like I could bolt them in the way they are. perhaps that crack is not too bad. Can it be welded? Looks like I could bolt them in the way they are. perhaps that crack is not too bad. Can it be welded? Thanks for posting all the pictures! Beautiful '73. One of the best mustangs ever made!
  13. These?? Do you still have those brackets, the ones you show in the picture? I have a 72 FB. Would they work? Yes, I still have the old brackets in the picture. Are you looking for a good set for your '72, or do you have a good set you would be willing to part with? Thanks for reading this post.
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