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  1. From what Secluff has said it sounds like it is an aftermarket sunroof. Given that, I would recommend that you remove it and patch the roof. Since this is a very desirable car and appears in nice original shape it will be worth more if put back to original condition. You also don't see very many white cars with blue interior so will be unique. Good luck. Jeff
  2. Answer depends on what the car is... If this is a mostly original car then this will for sure hurt the value with a hole cut in the roof. Since this is a Q code, that makes it rarer and also more desirable. If this is a non original or resto mod then if done correctly might not hurt and could be desirable to some. Below is a pic from my high school car that I cut a hole in roof for pop up sunroof ha ha.
  3. The Firestone's are more period correct and classic...check out this post and pics from rackerm https://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-finally-received-a-set-of-new-firestone-gr70-x-14-wide-oval-radial-tires?highlight=firestone
  4. Not sure if this helps but here is a pic of where remote goes on a deluxe interior...assume standard interior has the hole in same spot relative to the door.
  5. I would NOT go with the repo...I purchased one for my 72 and could not get it to fit correctly. The width is shorter than the original and I was unable to get to mount/line up to the fenders at all. I ended up finding a NOS one and installed that and it fit perfectly. If you try to use your repo it will need to be cut in half and the width lengthened. Good luck.
  6. Here is what I would try relative to the trunk... Remove the trunk latch and then slowly try to close your trunk lid and see if it will go down further. On one of my cars I had to elongate the holes in the trunk latch to let it slide a bit more and then was able to get trunk lid to fit better. It also looks like you might have to or be able to slide the right hand side quarter panel end cap up a little to meet the trunk. Let us know if this helps...
  7. Congrats on the car and best of luck with the restoration. This is a very rare car. Here is a pic of my 1972 Q code convertible, all original with 84k miles. Just about nearing the end of a five year restoration.
  8. I have used a thin putty knife like was show in post above along with lacquer thinner. It cuts the grease really well and does not have the smell of other solvents so your wife may like. For sure the worst part of the restoration.
  9. Brett, Here is a pic of my car with the lower body paint. Don't forget the small black stripe just above the body line. This is/was a tape line that can still be purchased. Good luck. Jeff
  10. Here is a link to all the vacuum diagrams which should go a long ways towards helping you get it sorted out. Good luck. https://www.mustangbarn.com/technical-information
  11. I think that is the end of the door weatherstrip. That metal piece has rubber molded around it and one end of the weatherstrip has a sheet metal screw that attached to frame?
  12. The ones I’m seeing have extra holes cut out where the window crank would be which mine don’t have. I had the same problem. Call Mustangmarket.com and they will make a pair for you without the manual window crank holes in them. They will also cut out the power window holes for a small fee.
  13. Someone else can chime in here also but I am pretty sure that piece was NOT chrome plated as it would reflect into the drivers vision. I think it was a dull metal appearance when new.
  14. Many threads on the topic of Buck Tag...here is a link to one of them with the info you need. https://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-1973-vert-buck-tag?highlight=buck+tag
  15. Ray...I can't figure out what you need? Have no idea what a horn is in the trunk? Happy to take a pic but don't know what your looking for. Jeff
  16. Since this is a "base" model and not a rare collectible car I think that it may actually enhance the value. Because this is a fairly common car with the 302 most people are not going to care about spending money to make it original. They would save that for a more rare car. I myself if looking for a car to drive would much prefer an automatic and would pay more on this car regardless if original or not.
  17. 1971-1972 that came standard with chrome mirror only came with the driver's side. Not sure about 1973 but probably the same. Guess that's why you can't find one.
  18. thank you jeff is the ram air hood part of the decor group In 1972 the cars with the 351 CJ engine got the NASA hood or as some like to call it the Ram Air Hood as standard. One thing to note if your restoring to original is that this hood was ALL body color. Even though they came with this hood none of the convertibles got the blackout center portion. Here is a pic of my 72 Q code restored to original. It's build date is just a few days from yours. image uploader
  19. That is a really nice and rare car that deserves to be restored to original. Will look great with the original color and white top. Great find.
  20. John, In the first pic on the right circle is the date code of the trans...looks like 4/73. In the fourth pic on top of the trans is the partial VIN. If this matches your car then it is the oem trans. PGA AU3 on the tag is correct for a 73 351C CJ C6.
  21. Very interesting...so from what I have seen it sounds like the 71's may have been on the door and the 72-73's were on the pillar. Wonder when the changeover occurred?
  22. 1971-72 had the telescoping antenna...there may have been a switch over some time in 72 to the one piece but not exactly sure. The 73 had the fixed antenna. They are reproduced. Pic below.
  23. The tire decal goes on the passenger side below the B panel where door latches. Does not go on the door itself (at least I have never seen an original one there). Here is an original paint car with decal.
  24. NO... Here is my take and this is just my opinion based on what I have seen over many years with these cars. This car when done is more like a $15,000 depending on how nicely it is done. The fact that it is not original, it has a 302 vs 351, has a 3 speed vs a 4 speed or automatic, has had a fair amount of metal work, brown vs black interior etc leads me to this conclusion. Interested in what others think.
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