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  1. Really nicely optioned car... Based on the provided info the car did not originally have... Hood blackout and hood locks Body side stripes Color keyed front bumper and fender/hood trim...would have been chrome since no Decor Group option Grille is the Decor group but since car did not have that option would have had basic grille Rear spoiler Magnums Rear valance exhaust cut outs...would have had turn down exhaust
  2. Here is another one...$89 shipped. https://www.ebay.com/itm/20-Gallon-Fuel-Tank-For-71-73-Ford-Mustang-W-Lock-Ring-Kit-Silver/352217262449?hash=item5201c8e971:g:Va8AAOSwzThcIp8J:rk:1:pf:0
  3. Yep, Think we have all had that experience and it seems like it shouldn't be so hard to make them right, especially simple parts. Glad you have the ice cold beer and it's the weekend. Was nice here and took the 72 Q code out for a drive. Having recently completed this and finally able to enjoy. Sounds like I have an exhaust leak though...always something!
  4. David, I don't believe the black hood and hood locks were a separate option for 1972. I looked through the 1972 Ford published option list and it was not there? It does list it as a separate option for 1973 however.
  5. For sure a rare car but... A lot of money without much in the way of overall condition and lack of pics. How do you expect to sell a $50k car with such little info? I would want to see a Marti report. Has blackout hood which is incorrect along with hood locks. Has the Decor Group grille which supports the possibility of side stripes but would NOT have with the lower rocker chrome moldings. So not sure what this came with? Best of luck to seller though as it is a very desirable car...
  6. Here is a piece of info that may help...values it as a #3 driver after options at about $7k Collector Car Value Report 1972 MERCURY COUGAR 351-163hp (8cyl-2V) AT XR7 2dr Hardtop #1 $1025 #2 $2650 #3 $6325 #4 $10150 #5 $15550 Add: 351-262hp (8cyl-4V) 20% 429-201hp (8cyl-4V) 50% 4spd manual trans 5% Power windows 3% Sunroof-power 15% Deduct: 3spd manual transmission -10% No air conditioning -10% Manual steering -5% Collector Car Value Report 1972 MERCURY COUGAR 351-163hp (8cyl-2V) AT
  7. John, Here is a pic of the original blackout on my 72 convertible...
  8. Here is one you can try. These guys are really knowledgeable and will know if this works or if there have been any issues. https://secure.cougarpartscatalog.com/71idler.html
  9. Here is another pic of what David was talking about on the rear blackout.
  10. John, I used the Graphics Express template on my 73 Mach. Everything looked perfect except it was too short and had to be cut to lengthen it out to make fit the way it was supposed to. I also used a non textured flat black and then had them put a matte clear coat over it.
  11. Nice looking car and wheels...not sure if you know this but your rear spoiler is on backwards. Here is a pic from another thread of David's 11k miles 73.
  12. jeff8877

    Buck Tag

    Here is my April 72 original 84k convertible. I have seen 71's on passenger side but only driver's side on 72/73 cars.
  13. Mach 1 vinyl roof trim snaps on so you do NOT have to remove headliner.
  14. I tried several from SEM and ended up with the Landau Black which I thought was very close to original. I took the panels out on the driveway and scrubbed them with the back of a sponge and comet, rinsed very well and let dry in sun. Sprayed with two coats and they look like new, I tried not to put on too thick so that OEM texture was still visible.
  15. Thought I would throw this out there relative to the Side Stripes on Mach 1's and Verts since I know it is a pet peeve of Ray's... Just using 1972 as an example according to the Ford records... 6,401 convertibles produced and 136 came with side stripes...that's 2 out of every 100 cars! 43,297 Fastbacks produced and 15,517 came with side stripes...that's approximately every third car! How about Magnums in 1972... 296 convertibles got them or roughly 4 out of 100 cars. 6,292 fastbacks got them or about 15 out of 100 cars. Merry Christmas Jeff
  16. Sort of a metal push in rivet thing. Round button head and metal spring type point like a molly without the screw feature Here is what I used similar to metal originals and worked perfect. This is example only make sure you get proper size. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/rnb-45479?seid=srese1&cm_mmc=pla-google-_-shopping-_-srese1-_-dorman&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIxJ_7uYS13wIVi7rACh0Q8w-8EAQYASABEgJ3ePD_BwE
  17. David or anyone... I was under the impression that not all the cars received the black at the back of the hood as shown in your picture? Can anyone shed some light on dates or even which body styles may have or have not received? Thank You
  18. Hi guys, I would like to change the rear end oil on my 1972 9". I do not want to pull the pumpkin and axles out to do this if I can avoid it. I have read many posts on how people say just get a hand vacuum pump and suction out through the fill hole...well I have tried this but am not able to get the hose inserted through the fill hole as it immediately hits the internal gears. Is there something I am missing here?? Many thanks...
  19. A couple pics to help...I have others should you need them.
  20. Here is the vacuum line routing for a 1973 although if you are not going to put it back to original there is a lot of this you can do without...
  21. Go to any automotive paint store and show them this. They will look up and the computer will mix the paint.
  22. Good article and nice to see our cars being written about...some nice looking cars also. One other thing I saw was the comment related to the Rimblow steering wheels which said..."1971 and 1972 had an optional three-spoke steering wheel". That is correct, but was also available on 1973's.
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