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  1. Is this what you're looking for? I have a left one D1Z-13064-AB
  2. Rh mirror with gasket ("Chrome") $15 4 blade 17 1/2" fan $20 Headlight door left side $20 '72 interior door handle $5 C-4 rear trans mount $20 289 302 exhaust manifolds with heat tube $100 fan spacers 2 3/8" and 2 7/8" dip stick and tube 289 302 new $??? Carquest positive battery cable 25" $10 2 outer tie rod ends ES 387L new $???
  3. All of a sudden my alternator light flashes when my turn signal stalk returns to center, and only when driving. I tried it sitting still and turning the wheel and the lever returns to center and no light. Weird, huh??
  4. Just for shi*ts and grins I put a vacuum tester on my plain jane 302, 2v to see what it would read..no problems, but wanted to try out my new toy. It read in the green about 17-18 in.hg. This was in the low end, as I've heard 20-21 is desirable. I tried to advance the dist clockwise to move the reading more towards 20 and the vacuum advance goes smack against the upper radiator hose. I see where all that is necessary is to pull the dist out and move it a couple teeth while keeping the rotor from moving, the caution is that the oil pump rod may fall out if it's raised too far. The car run
  5. Just when I thought I had everything going in the right direction another issue pops up. Took the car out for an hour or so Sunday and noticed what sounded like an exhaust leak from the engine (302. C-4 2v). The car ran good, but I could hear something different from the engine. I found the exhaust gasket from the right exhaust manifold was slightly leaking, and the #4 plug had somehow worked itself a little loose. I had a hell of a time getting a 13/16ths socket on it to tighten it. The socket actually got stuck between the plug and the manifold, and I needed channel locks to get it
  6. If you're still looking for a spring compressor, let me know. I have one used only once, and at my age I'll probably never use it again. It's an "inside" type and worked well for me. Scary operation though!!
  7. 1972 fast back, 302 2v, 14" tires. What's the best looking tire size for my car, staying with the 14" rims? I've seen 225 or 235 60's or 70's and was wondering what would look better. These will be COOPER raised white letter tires. I have old beat up white walls on there now. The wheels "look" like Magnum 500's, but I'm pretty sure they're knock off's but they still look good. Also replacing my springs with a kit from CJ. This is not a trailer queen, nor will I be doing any long distance driving, but I want to correct the stance, as it sits low in the rear. What do you think, 4 1/2
  8. Has anyone ever installed an vapor separator gas filter on their cars? Is this a big deal? I have a 302 2v that had those issues in the past, and was wondering about them
  9. Sorry for another lemming question, but here goes: I bought "white" TMI seat covers and standard door panels from CJ and Kentucky Mustang respectively. They both match, but the "white" is more of an off white, maybe light almond looking? I thought they were Wimbledon white and bought that color paint for the interior quarters etc, and it doesn't match. The interior, headliner etc, is white I have a message in to TMI about what shade white this might be, but was wondering if anyone else would have any input or ideas so I can get it to match better. Thanks in advance...…….
  10. Just replaced the standard door panels on my '72 fastback. One of the old panels had a perfect circle cut into it from a chrome looking "crank protector" between the crank and the panel. I don't want this to happen with these new panels. Should I omit the decorative "crank protector", or get a pair of plastic protectors I see online? Supposedly these plastic protectors are for deluxe panels only. Thanks...………..
  11. Thanks for the quick reply. No I trashed the old panels. I could do the trial and error method with the clips, but thought I'd see if there was a right or wrong way first, I know it's not rocket science, LOL! If I set the clips in to opening, they fit in one direction, but turning them 180 degrees they still fit, but the rounded end is at the flat end of the opening...………….
  12. I have new standard door panels that I'm ready to install and wondering if the clips from the old panel are the right ones. The ones I have are a mixture of red and black, and are made of round metal. I test fitted a couple into the new panels and they are difficult to slide into place. I think I've seen ones that were made of flat metal that would probable slide on easier, also curious about the orientation of the clips. Do they slide into the rounded side of the hole in the panel, or the flattened side?
  13. The opening is 2 5/8" x 1 1/2", is that about what you have? What's it called? Cost with shipping to 60056?
  14. The opening is 2 5/8" x 1 1/2", is that about what you have? What's it called?
  15. I have a '72 sports roof and I'm trying to find the small insert that goes in the opening of the interior quarter panel for the right rear seatbelt, buckle side. The part number I have is D3ZB-6331486 which is for a '73, but it works ok on my '72. I saw one on ebay and it also had the rectangular opening. Is there something that's supposed to go in that hole, like a belt guide? Thanks in advance...…………….
  16. I'm going to replace my chrome front bumper, and was looking for any tips. It looks pretty straight forward, but with the old hardware, would I be better removing the entire assy with the frame brackets, or removing it from the brackets and fighting those 6 big phillips bolts? I also plan on hosing everything down with PB BLASTER before I ever start. I've got nothing but time now, and was just inquiring of the easiest least frustrating way to go...…………..Thanks
  17. I have learned through this site that our era Mustangs make oil pan replacement very difficult. As stated in an earlier post mine is dented (don't ask), but not leaking, only unsightly. Is it possible to replace the pan by removing the oil pump, if there's enough clearance, also is the shaft from the distributer to the pump "captive"? Will it fall out into the pan if I remove the pump?
  18. Unsure what the piece on the top of the radiator support over the nut plate was for, it was slightly movable, but would not align with the nut plate, and that is why the stop wouldn't thread in. I removed whatever that was and both stops went in smoothly. If I find out they were necessary, I still have them. Thanks for you info.
  19. Just bought new adjustable hood bumpers. The old ones were missing the rubber, so I figures I'd just put new ones in, easy job right?? The old ones were very snug coming out, and the new ones wouldn't start in the holes. I removed the jamb nut from the a new one ( the old one didn't have any) and tried to screw it on an old one and it felt like it might be a different thread (maybe metric?) I'm going to the hardware store tomorrow and checking them on their checker. Has anyone ever ran into this? The nut plates on the car look like one on the top of the radiator support and one on the botto
  20. Just found an old post on door window adjustment, but it was for a convertible. Would it be the same for a fastback? Replacing my roof rail weather strip soon, and want to get the window adjustment tweaked while I have stuff opened up...
  21. What's the best thing to use to remove old hardened sealant from the roof rail seal channels? I have them removed from the car, ( the forward ones on the door jamb.) I haven't looked at the ones running along the top to the quarter window, are they also held on with screws??
  22. '72 302 fastback. Replaced battery due to age a while ago, also replaced cables, now it seems the car intermittently struggles to start, (cranks sluggishly). I have a WIRE running from the ground post on the alternator to one of the attach bolts for the vr. I also have the ground cable running from the battery to the block. These are the only grounds I have at this time. The new ground cable has a WIRE pigtail with a female end spliced onto it. I've read that the more grounds the better so I was wondering if there's a wire that's supposed to connected to this wire then also to the vr bolt.
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