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  1. Hi David, Did you notice on your Marti Report, no optional racing mirrors. (May be dealer installed) Back in 1972 and 1973, when I ordered my mustangs, I WAS TOLD I COULDN'T ORDER RACING MIRRORS, on a black mustang ; So I order a green 72 and my red 73 (you seen my 73 in michican this summer) I do know for sure that the mirrors were pre painted by the supplier. I know some people will disagree my post, But my wife and I in 1973, had a VIP tour of the ASSEMBLY PLANT,I remember seeing the PRE PAINTED racing mirrors, in the supplier bins (boxes) It was very nice to meet you and your "GAL" LARRY & STARR
  2. I order my 73 CONV. with351C 4V /4speed in1973. With that said it is 1 of 293 made. My car has seat pressure sensor in BOTH FRONT SEATS. My interior is still all original, and still looks like new. I hope this comment helps. My 73 LOOKS LIKE "NEW" just like my pictures in my profile. Larry
  3. I`m the original owner of my 73 4 speed conv. You are correct, the BUZZER does not buzz in neutral ,(ONLY IN GEAR DOES IT BUSS) Their is seat sensor in both front seats. The sensor is under the seat, between the foam padding and the springs. When these cars were new, a lot people NEVER USED seat belts. So owners unplugged the sensors. My friend had a 72 mach 1 , 4 speed (he bought new) the sensors where in both of his seats,and worked the as same mine. You probably know this, their one wire on roller/ retractor, and when you pull the SEAT BELT out a little, The BUZZER stops buzzing I hope this helps you. I have all ways used my seat belt, So my sensors are still plugged in, and the BUZZER is still working like new.
  4. Above are pics of my original exhaust on my 73 convertible w/ staggered shocks and comp suspension. Which I ordered new so I know it is correct. The tail pipes are a little different since they are on a 73 convertible. Larry
  5. I HAVE BEEN USING STA-BIL, FOR A LONG TIME IN ALL MY CLASSIC CARS, WITH NO PROBLEMS. I PUT IT IN THE TANK BEFORE I FILL IT WITH GAS (SO IT WILL BE WELL MIXED) I MUST TELL YOU I USE IT FOR EVERY FILL UP BECAUSE YOU DON'T KNOW HOW "FRESH" THE GAS IS AT THE STATION. I ALSO PUT STA-BIL IN MY LAWN MOWER AND SNOW BLOWER BECAUSE THEY SIT FOR MONTHS AT A TIME, AND I'VE NEVER HAD AN ISSUE. Because I have more than one "summer car" I put the stable in with every fill up because I never know which car I will be putting the most miles on. :run_horse: Larry hope this helps I don't know about Royal Purple, does it have enough zinc in it? Zinc is important for the classic engines because of cam wear, I use Brad Penn oil. Or you can check out this web-site for more info: wwwcam-shield.com
  6. My sisters worked with her mom at a local ice cream shop called "Carvels" but I never met her daughters. I had a 72 Mustang convertible that I had also ordered and my sister was looking for a different car so she asked if I would sell her mine and I could get a new one. I thought about it and decided it would be nice to have a 4 speed and I really liked the red on the Mustang So I ordered exactly what I wanted, my sister was selling her car to a friend at work (which turned out to be my wife's mother) I had to follow my sister to their house to drop off the car while I was taking the plates off my sisters old car her friend came out with her daughter and son My sister introduced us I asked the daughter if she wanted to go for a ride and as you see she said yes... Here is an old picture of my 72 after my sister sold it in 1975 it was never seen again it was painted orange in 1974 wish I new what happened to it
  7. Very faded picture (Polaroid) it was and is Bright Red!
  8. I met my wife the day after I picked up my 73 Mustang that I ordered. Below is a picture from 1973 of me and my girlfriend that is now my wife. Larry
  9. SORRY GUYS ; I SHOULD HAVE SAID, I WAS WORKING ON MY 68 MUSTANG (not my 73) When I seen the reply about using coins in the spring; I had a "FLASH BACK" to what a pain it was get those flat washers out. It seemed like such a good idea at the time, I thought all I would have to do is step on the pedal and they would all fall out Boy was I wrong...:imsorry::imsorry: Larry
  10. I've read that if you put coins between the coils of the spring when the clutch pedal is fully down, then when you raise the clutch pedal the coins are held in place, the spring is extended over normal, and falls out from the retaining holder up under the dash. I'm not sure if this will work for 71-3's, but it is worth at least looking at. I have tried this using flat washers, horrible idea, it took me hours to get the washers out.the spring has so much pressure on it that even stepping on and off the clutch did not release them, they were jammed in very tightly. If you look at the picture you can see the size of the spring and there is a lot of pressure between each coil. I would have been better off using a flat shaft screw driver because it would have been easier to pry out of there, you at least have something to get a hold of to pull out. with the washers (or coins) you don't have any room to stick something in to pry the coils apart
  11. As you can see mine is bright red. I special ordered my car in 1973, after selling my green ( medium lime) 72 Mustang to my sister, which was painted calypso coral(orange) by my friend and myself in 1974.
  12. Welcome to the site. Looks like a very nice car. I hate to tell you that`s a 1972 351CJ air cleaner. I know this because I ORDERED MY 73 CONV. NEW WITH A, "Q" code 351CJ. If you want to check my profile, you will see that my car is all original. I have quite a few pictures in my album
  13. Do you happen to have the front seat-belt retracter we are looking for the right side passenger seat in ginger. Our friend has a 72 Mustang he purchased new and is in need of one..if you could send me an email or private message if you have one I would appreciate it. thanks Mustang68
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