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  1. What intake are you running? That will make a differance.
  2. Dropped the price on these, bottom dollar and that is a steal! Next stop is the dredded Ebay.
  3. Reference the distributor, I have one reference, that I have not verified, stating the 4 speed Q codes got a dual point and the auto car got a single point. Oh Fast-E, what is your new race toy? Chuck Hey Chuck,! That is what I heard also just the 4spd cars got the duel point. I "stold" a 66 Fairlane GT,an original S code, C6, 3:50, non air,ps,pb car. Car is very solid! Factory manual disc brake,Raven black, red interior. It has been a drag car for along time. Has 63,000 showing on the clock which I beleive to be correct. Has an 8 point cage, ladder bars, track locater, Moser 4:56 axels and third member. Currently has a 302, C4 until this evening. Going to do a 428 for it.
  4. Sounds like a find! You sure the dizzy is correct? Mine came with a single point vacuum advance distributer. The reason I asked about the air cleaner was exactly what I have found. From what I understand after January 1, 1973 Ford stopped the installation of the air cleaner system due to EPA noise regs. Samething is true about the through the valance exhaust system. After that date you got the turn downs on the Q code, like a Boss 351, no chrome tips. Mine was built December 22, 1972 and was probably in the last group to get these installed. I am one of those guys you would not like. The day I bought mine I drove it home and installed a set of Cragar SS's and had a differant intake carb and headers with in a few months. The car has been drag raced all of it's life and servived two son's and me. Oh, my Marti report showed mine as being " 1 of 4" and the only one sold in the US. They can really break those numbers down!
  5. These are the best traction devices you can buy for a leaf spring car. The were first developed by Wayne Calvert for the 428 CJ cars. They will wake your car up on launch. Don't know about the "lower HP" statement. If you look at most of the S/S drag cars you will see these under there. Fastest leaf spring car in the country right now is running in the 6's(1/4 mile) unfortunatly it is a Camaro. I have run the Real Lakewood traction bars, the ones that replace the leaf spring saddles and there is no comparison. These can be run on the street and the track you just adjust them for what you are doing. I have purchased a 66 Fairlane drag car with a ladder bar suspension so my old Stang is going into semi retirement as far as drag racing goes! She has earned her retirement after 41 years of abuse.
  6. I just rebuilt my box also. I bought a good used one from O MS. Man what a job! I would like to hear what you think and campare with the original. I still have to re-install all of my AC hoses and compressor which was blown out by some one hwho did not know what they were doing. It was a brand new compressor not a rebuilt. That hurt!
  7. Exactly what Kit said that is the way the system works. The side flapper is to give the engine a shot of extra air flow when the throttle is cracked open. Same principle as the Ram Air system, no vacuum doors open, vacuum doors close. By the way do you know the build date on your 73 Q code? Always a discussion on the 73 Q codes coming with that air cleaner and Ones that did not. Mine came with the chrome top / side flap / door, built 12/22/72. Just currious.
  8. I have a set of polished finned Boss 302/ 351 valve covers. These were re-popped several years ago don't beleive you can get them any longer. These are the real deal with the wire loom mounting on the top of the covers and the baffels under the oil fill/ pcv areas. These DO NOT have the oil deflecters. The covers are in excelent condition with no damage, cracks etc....They were polished with a clear coat applied. If you want the stock dull look they can be glass beaded. Asking 250.00 + the ride. I can send pictures if interested.
  9. I have a set of barely used Cal Tracs for 71-73 Mustang / Cougar. These will work with staggard or regular shocks. Will also work with the factory sway bar. Just pulled these off of my Mach. I have another toy to race so these have got to go! 275.00 + the ride. These are awsome if you are laying down some power! If interested I will send pictures.
  10. If your adjusters are froze replace them. The brakes need to adjust them selves that is why they are called self adjusters. Not very exspensive and can be picked up at any parts house.
  11. They look just like a top loader, very easy to take advantage of someone that does not know what they are looking at. Yes they were used in Granadas.
  12. I have a full set of the KYB gas shocks on my bench if anyone is looking for a good riding shock. They are brand new. I had to step up to the Gas- adjust due to wheel hop that showed up after I installed the rears. I loved the ride, but with the lead foot. If anyone just wants a good ride these are them. I will sell them cheap! Front shocks are still in the box, have about 100 miles on the rears.These are NOT the gas adjust. These are the base shocks which are still way better than the original oil filled shocks, great ride!
  13. Sounds like you could have a bad eccelerator diaphram. You might try shooting some B12 carb cleaner down the airbleeds. If you are going to look at the pump diaphram you will have to pull the front bowl and metering block anyway, shoots some B12 through all of the passages and blow them out with air( wear your safety glasses) you will get carb spray every where so don,t do it near your paint, preferably on a bench. I have found if you keep these carbs cleaned out they really will last you and give you trouble free performance.
  14. Looks like a street avenger as said. I think you are dead on with it being a 670. I am running a 770 S.A. with a milled choke housing and really like it. I had some issue after about 6 months of use just weekend cruising and some track time etc...pulled it apart and did some fine tuning, milled the choke housing and blended the main body and it really performs well now.
  15. Do'nt do it. It has really weird ratios. Basicly a 3 speed tranny with a OD.I put one behind a 289 in a 68 stang many years ago before I figured out what I had. After many hours of making a Hurst shifter work on it I pulled it right back out and found a real top loader. Differant as night and day!
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