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    1972 ford mustang coupe
    95 cobra 5.0 block, flowtech headers, edelbrock intake and carb, msd 6al box.


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    Los Angeles

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  1. oi101


    will do thanks, ill be starting a new wasteland mustang build and ill keep the progress posted here is a hint of the next stage
  2. oi101


    thank you all for the nice greetings, i hope you all have a great new years and an even greater 2017
  3. oi101


    thank you. i could never get ride of her now
  4. oi101


    LoL mars is a big desert, so maybe lol we are a strange bunch but we have some cool cars.
  5. so did you buy the car any updates?
  6. nice mach 1 you have there
  7. oi101


    Hello fellow mustang fans. My name is Steven and I have a 1972 ford mustang. It started its life as a light blue coupe. By the time I got her she was beat up she had a cheap vinyl top and a flat black rattle can paint job hiding pounds of Bondo that was covering bad body work. Her 289 and c4 trans were beyond tired and it had some of the worst repairs I’ve ever seen (one example is a rag joint bugger welded together). She now has a 5.0 from a 95 cobra, her c4 Trans has a Trans-go stage 2 shift kit long tuber headers and an Edelbrock intake. She went from daily driver, to drag racing, to wasteland weekend desert survivor.
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