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    73 mach 1
    351W bored .30 over, 408 stroker, probe forged flat top pistons, forged H-beam rods, main gurdle, AFR 205 heads, harland sharp rocker arms, edelbrock performer intake, 750 carb.


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  1. I recently just built a 408W all forged internals, flat top pistons, main gurdle, 541 544 lift comp cam hyd flat tappet, edelbrock performer intake, Harland sharp rocker arms, AFR 205 alum heads, 750 carb most likely will have to switch to an 850 with a spacer, ive probably got more than $6k invested into this build including MSD 6al2, MSD distributor, plugs wires headers etc. all I can say is I love this motor, I haven't gotten gears yet im still working out kinks with other stuff. most likely a posi rear with either 375 or 383 gears or w/e also got a c6 trans with reverse valve body and 3200 stall
  2. anyone ever see this mustang? its badass looking, might be a little tough to drive tho but hey lol
  3. Started my baby yesterday for the first time, and almost done timing it today, gotta get a new fitting for the fuel line that goes into the regulator since shes pissin gas. Im so happy tho! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=5001999207599&l=5001215008046638654
  4. Hey everyone i joined this forum a while ago looking for advice and decided to share with ya guys what my progress has been lately. I bought my car when i was 18, it was in rough shape, 302 was smoking, hidden rust in many areas..you guys know the deal. I decided to go with a little more power and got a 351W block and a buddy of mine helped me build this motor to a 408 stroker. bored .30 over, all forged internals, main gurdle, harland sharp rocker arms, edelbrock performer intake, flat top pistons,afr 205 renegade heads, 541 544 hyd lift cam.750 carb. I am 21 years old now, and have finished putting KYB Gas a Just shocks all around, upper & lower ball joints, lower control arms, outer tie rods, all new brakes from the spindles out in the front, swapped to a 9" rear in the back rebuilt those brakes, Tin Man subframe connectors, undercoated car, all new brake lines, brand new gas tank and sending unit, new fuel kit from summit racing, so all new aluminum line going up and new filter and electric pump. I am working on finishing up wiring this car now and getting ready to crank it for first time!! i am very excited. After that i am most likely putting my car in epoxy sealer until i finish the body work, and i would like to get the interior back in this summer, the sad thing is my family owns a body shop and i am the painter lol and my car will look like $H!T but oh well lol i just wanna drive it i cant wait any longer! sorry i dont have to many pictures but i will keep adding over time, and hopefully video very soon of first start up! OH i did go with everyones advice on here and i painted my engine bay the color of car, PRP CHRYSLER color, dark cherry pearl, very nice i love it. Let me know what yall think of my progress so far, remember dont judge to much i am still young and dumb. :) Jake f6.jpg[/img][/url]
  5. Hey everyone i posted something about a roll cage a couple weeks ago, and yall suggested autoweldchassis.com for cages. ive been talking to them and i think im going with the 6pt roll cage with the swing out side bar option, safety kit with 5pt harness, the total shipped to my shop is going to be $550, do ya guys think this sounds like a good price?They will pre-notch the tubes for me, another question is do ya guys think the swing out side bar is a good idea? im a tall skinny guy and i dont want to have to crawl over a bar every time i wanna go out. and will this cage meet NHRA standards and also be street legal? im from maryland by the way. thanks in advance fellas Jake
  6. where did you buy that bumper? i cant find the front bumpers online, the rubber ones.
  7. do ya guys have any websites where i can look at 6pt roll cages besides jegs? thanks for all the help guys. im looking to order it today by the way so next weekend i can weld it in along with the subframe connectors
  8. i have a hyd flat tappet comp cam, 541 544 lift. i was expecting around 500 too. im still not sure on the roll cage right now and i am going to order it later today.. any other opinions? 4,6,or 8pt? if anyone can find a site that sells 6pts ill get that but for now i might be going with a 4pt.
  9. my parents are looking to have me get this roll cage as a safety reason..as for the subframe connectors i already have some that i am welding on within the next week (global west). this car will mostly be a street car, and i will be going to the track at least 2 or 3 times a month to have some fun. engine mods include 351w bored .30 over with 408 stroker. all forged internals. forged flat top pistons, h beam rods, main gurdle, harland sharp rocker arms, afr 205 heads, 750 carb. not sure on HP havent dynoed yet. suspension mods are nothing really, just new shocks and new rotors calipers and pads. thanks everyone for input so what do yall think? 4pt bad idea?
  10. Hello everyone im trying to wrap up some stuff to finish my car and my parents want me to get a roll cage for the car lol... i was thinking the 4 pt roll cage on jegs...this one http://www.jegs.com/i/Jegster/550/940701K/10002/-1 my question is does anyone have this roll cage and have pictures of it? does it go thru the floor to the frame to weld to or weld to the floor itself? and do they sell 6pt cages, i cant find one. i would like one thats easy to get in and out of and not have to crawl over a bar like in those rice rockets. pictures of your roll cages would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance eveyone! on a side note question too i couldnt find this in the search menu, but has anyone sprayed a bed liner as an undercoat for their car instead of an actual undercoat. i was thinking it might look nicer but not sure? opinions? thanks! Jake
  11. Looks great, glad a fellow MAACO painted one of these bad boys, my dad owns one here in MD and i am the painter here. To answer the question about wet sanding single stage, you can as long as its a solid color and they put at least 2-3 coats of color down, and let it set for a few days before sanding since its very tricky to buff. Looks great tho! love the color
  12. Hello everyone im working on replacing the bottom corner of my left shock tower where the steering is at, i recently bought a 73 mustang as a parts car and it has a good conditon shock tower, is it possible for me to cut out that bottom corner of the tower with the motor still in that car? thanks everyone
  13. yeah my car isnt going to be original what so ever, im young n just havin fun with it, so i feel like the body color in the bay would look alot nicer too.
  14. is your paint code 4Q? i love that color i did a spray out card of that before and its my original color, ive also been considering that, do you have any other pics of your car? thanks
  15. i was considering going with the body color myself thanks everyone, now its down to what body color i want to go with haha ive always been a fan of the pepper grey on the 67 fastback, has anyone painted their 71-73 mustang that color with any black stripes on it so i could maybe get an idea of how it would look. i was thinking either that color or just a lighter silver with black stripes thanks again everyone!
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