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  1. Yes, PayPal is fine. Or we can do credit card payment through Square if you prefer. We usually do e-transfer for our small business with Canadian customers but I don’t think that will work between American/Canadian banks. Whatever works best for you. I am going to the post office this afternoon to confirm shipping options. Regards, Dan
  2. Hey @72MustangSprint, Apologies, I haven't been on the site for a long time and missed your message while I was away. Yes, I still have the Sprint hubcaps. Let me know if you are still interested and if so, your postal code for shipping so I can get you a quote. I hope all is well in your area given the current restrictions. Take care, Dan
  3. Haven’t been on in a long while while but needed some help replacing my backup light switch today so came back to the best place for help with 71-73 Mustangs. A big thanks to @Denkil for the original question post and to @Stanglover and @secluff for the detailed replies.
  4. While I am not really into toys other than the ones I can actually drive I thought this was pretty cool. Saw it at the LaChute Flea Market in Quebec. Didn't purchase but figured it was worth taking a pic for the forum.
  5. Wow... 429 SCJ convertible? That has got to be the rarest of the rare. And I like the ol' school photo too.
  6. Oh, I dunno... I'm not sure what dollar value you put on driving a 351 Cobra Jet 4 speed convertible and my car has most certainly been rode hard and put away wet far more than the car in the post. However, pretty much every time I drive mine, it feels like it is worth every penny and hour of time I have put into it. Good luck with the auction. It looks like a great car and excellent resource for those in restoration.
  7. Medium blue aqua (code 4N I think). It seems to be a one year colour that was only available in the mainland US according to the Sherwin Williams paint rep.
  8. Two 1972 Sprint hubcaps, good used condition $65 CAD / $50USD plus shipping. Blue painted outline still in very good condition, some small indentations, and scratches. One cap has some scuffing in small areas on the face but only visible within 18 inches. Message me for offers, more photos, and / or shipping quote. Regards, OPN PONY
  9. :goodpost: Ray, I have been trying to replace the jack for my convertible (missing when I got the car) so thanks for posting this. Great reference and very useful for users of the site. Regards, Dan
  10. A few years ago, I read in Mustangs and Fords magazine about a memorabilia collector that had in his collection a pair of cufflinks in the shape of a 351C 4V. They even have have 351C 4V embossed on the air cleaner assembly. I've been looking for some ever since. While she doesn't really understand my fascination with cars and especially 71 -73 Mustangs, my wife must really love me. She found the cufflinks for me. I guess not everyone likes cufflinks but I think these are great and it is the engine in my '73 convertible. The magazine article makes a reference to the cufflinks coming from an engineer or technician that worked at Ford when the Clevelands were introduced but is not very specific. Anyone else know any details about the history of these items?
  11. Great looking car and a nice story to go with it. Congrats to both of you on having your car the magazine.
  12. I had a lot of similar trouble with my 73 convertible after getting it on the road and based on that I would agree with Racerx. On my car, the steel fuel line from the tank to the fuel pump had an intermediary hose (approx 12'-16') where the fuel line goes inside the engine compartment just behind the driver's side front wheel. I am not sure if that is original design or if someone added it later. Anyway, there was a small (not immediately visible to the eye) crack in that hose that would suck air and allow fuel to drain back when the car sat for a few hours. Took a while to track down but made a big difference once I changed that fuel hose. Good luck, I hope the suggestions help.
  13. Went to the swap meet to avoid standing at the auction with my bidder's card in the air at a level of cash I shouldn't be spending. Couldn't help myself though: contacted the auction service representative, who was by the way very professional and was very helpful in allowing me to preview the car. Sounds like the car sold for high 'teens (Canadian dollars) and I don't think there was a buyer's premium. Good for the buyer and the seller in my opinion. Still think my '73 convertible and the '71 Mach 1 would have looked good together in my garage though...
  14. Nice cars! I still like the vert best though. The muscle car colours make these Mustangs stand out but pic 9, the black and white, is a nice shot too.
  15. Welcome to the site. Hope to see you at a show or cruise soon. If you are in southern Ontario, are you heading to Barrie to look for parts this weekend? Barrie Automotive Fleamarket is on!
  16. Depending on options on the car some also had a convenience pkg that released the front seats when the door is opened. If I remember correctly, it is a second plug in addition to the one for seatbelt sensors. Most do not work or at best are temperamental (in my experience) now so once again leaving it unplugged is not a loss. If there is only one plug I would think it is, as imusa76 pointed out, a seatbelt sensor. Not sure about a source for repro spacer for convertible seats. Sorry.
  17. The bolts that hold the seat frames to floor are actually accessible from the interior of the car. Pics attached of 73 convertible where the bolts attach to a "riser" box on the floor. That however may have changed as you mentioned your car has frame rails. Could it have had some mods to the floor and seat frame mounts?
  18. Greekstile, You are right: No obvious holes and I checked torque boxes and frame rails. They are solid. The floors are definitely "thinner" than they probably should be. Again, I think it will require floors in the not too distant future but would probably safety with all lines, exhaust, fuel tank and brakes replaced. Engine turns but in an ideal world should probably be pulled and taken apart to avoid any nasty surprises. I am still undecided I keep thinking that I have other projects to to work on, not enough room in the garage, the money I don't really have to spend, the divorce it would likely cause...:-/ But then I think of what the convertible and this 71 would look like together and I start reconsidering going to the auction on Saturday. Don, I had the auction company send me the an e-copy of the appraisal before I went to see the car last weekend. The value and VIN had been blanked out. However, sounds like someone offered to buy the car outright for $15000 CAD sight unseen. Too late though, it had already been listed in the auction. Not sure what people will pay at a small farm auction for it but have to admit, I am curious.
  19. I am seriously considering going to the auction this Saturday. However, given that the car looks "survivor" clean on the topside, the interior looks as new and that it is a one owner 14,000 mile car I don't think I have the pocket change to try. I will likely go to the Barrie ON Swap meet instead and try to buy some things for the cars I have already. Thanks to everyone for the knowledge of 71s they shared. If I find out how much it sells for I will let you know.
  20. Thanks to all for the info and ball park idea of value. I went to see the car today and have to admit I was wrong. On inspection, the car appears to in fact be a one owner 14,000 mile car which explains the original tires that piqued my interest in the beginning. However, seeing this particular car reminded me of the importance of prevention when storing my own cars. The car has been apparently sitting in the drive shed since 1987 and sitting in the drivers seat made me think I was sitting in a well maintained 2 or 3 year old car. The underside told a different story however. There is a lot of surface rust on the underside of the floors but no holes. While I assume with some wire brush work, a lot of paint or oil, all brake and fuel lines, fuel tank, brakes replaced and some work to bring a 28 year dormant engine to life, the car might safety, the floors are only going to make do for a limited time. Not sure what it would have cost to oil/ rust proof that car from 1971 until it was parked in '87 and put a few layers of 6 mil plastic underneath but I suspect it would have added a lot to the value of the car. Decisions, decisions... I haven't seen too many cars in Ontario that still have legible dealer instructions for removal of the tie down clips.
  21. Here an address for the description and photos on kijiji advertising the car in the auction: http://www.kijiji.ca/v-classic-cars/guelph/auction-sale:-sat-june-6-at-10am/1073094276?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
  22. It does have the hood locks. So from what people are saying so far probably an original optioned ram air car? There is an appraisal document but no Marti report available. Just leaving for work. Will post more pics tomorrow night. I agree, great looking car. However, I suspect that Southern Ontario weather has not been kind to this one before and maybe even after it was stored in a drive shed. Looks great on top but perhaps a little "toasty" underneath. I need to go see it to be sure though. I hope who ever does buy it will restore it and not part it out.
  23. This one is not a Q, (I got the Auctioneer to message me the first 5 digits of the VIN), it is an M code but in the photos it does have a ram air set up on it. I was asking because I assumed the ram air was added later. As mentioned, still a clean looking car on the top side and interior and I always appreciate a 4V 351C with a 4 speed and Trac-loc. Not sure about the floors though. I am thinking I will go see it before the auction if possible just because it went in the barn in 1987. Which is about 2 years before I bought my first Mach 1 that ended up with a similar paint scheme.
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