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  1. I have a 78 F250 that Im building a replacement 460 for, the motor is from a 76 lincoln, nothing fancy, but i do have a more aggressive cam, and was wanting to do the smog delete and straight up timing on. I came across a Unilite distributor w/ vac advance for really cheap. My truck has the duraspark setup already but has to be recurved for the new timing set? Anway i have this mallory unit and was wondering is it can be used in place of, or conjunction to the duraspark setup. what advantages or disadvantages might I have. I downloaded the instructions for mallory, but i think its made me more perplexed then when I started lol
  2. This week? Bad Company - 5 Finger Death Punch (Cover) Push It - TOOL Sweet Home Alabama - Lynard Skynard 1 Bourbon 1 Scotch 1 Beer - George Thoroghgood The man who sold the world - Nirvana (cover) Secret song.... Don't stop believing - Journey
  3. i don't supposed that there is a professional cleaning that can restore the color of the top, white shoe shine! J/K
  4. on a few other vehicle forums i'm on there are weakly chat sessions, I noticed that there is a Chat option here as well but I have never seen anyone on it. Anyone here played with it, or scheduled any kind of online meet and greet? http://www.7173mustangs.com/cometchat/modules/chatrooms/index.php
  5. well there are several others to choose from in your price range according to all the CL ad's posted
  6. i had wondered about the intake that they offered in the top end kit and if it would be too tall for the nasa hood, Edelbrock also makes a clevor top end kit that isn't much more, and the larger valves may really accentuate the strokers need to breathe. http://www.summitracing.com/parts/edl-2060 Or should I look into doing all custom stuff, a good set of twisted wedge heads or something, a custom cam, and piece and part it all together and hope I get it right?
  7. now that would be fun, I do have a Mercedes 300E that even for a 4 door, handles the twisty stuff really well, and is quite quick, but there's just something about the nasty American V8 rumble that even the best European cars cant touch! Even if it will never handle like a BMW M3 or a Porsche still gotta give it a try. lol
  8. there is a tko 6 speed with SBF bell housing and nice clutch setup for sale on CL here that I'd like. that was p\my plan for my car in the first place, I'm dropping the FMX in favor of a more modern drive train. my ideal was a windsor in some form, and a 6 speed OD trans and a 8.8 with disk brakes. And possibly if I can work it out a IRS out of a later model mustang or cougar/thunderbird. http://greatfalls.craigslist.org/pts/4034723910.html I want the engine to build useable power through the entire band, I don't plan on spending all my time a 6k RPM, I would like to buildf it as light as possible, I want the car to handle, I have plans to update the front end with coilovers and new control arms, either a MII front end, or something like the TCP coilover conversion I want this car to be D.D. capable, and cruiseable, get decent mileage considering, and still put you in the back seat if you hit the gas too hard. Thats not too much to ask is it. I'm not looking for a drag car, defiantly not a restoration, but something that I can take to a SSCA event and do OK at, or drive to the movies, or take a weekend trip across the state. Montana has a lot of open road, and more then a few fun twisty back roads!
  9. this is the kit that I was looking at, the lowest rated 351W kit they offer http://www.summitracing.com/parts/edl-2092
  10. I've been doing a lot of reading and researching and wishing and dreaming, and decided I don't know what I want! lol I have my mustang restoration expert/guru/sensei, the one who's teaching me the proper methods or car restoration (free of charge) who owns a 68 cougar that has a 408 stroker and worked iron heads, and he loves it, sings it's praises every time he drives it. I have a good buddy who owns a 88 cougar that he swapped in a 351 that has the edelbrock top end kit (aluminum heads, intake, cam) as well as other bottom end work. He loves it, it's been several years on both engines and both run really strong and get driven quite often. My question, why do I hang out with cougar people, whats the advantage of either option and disadvantage. Why couldn't you mix the two and build a monster motor?
  11. Not the same, but it is. I have a jeep Cherokee wheeler, I had a similar loud clunk from the rear, I thought it was a u joint, changed them with no improvement. Mine is spooled in the back, so no spiders or locker to wear out. after much pondering and frustration i determined, after flexing the truck out, that I had a worn bushing on the leaf spring, and it would sit ~normal~ while parked, bud would slop up and down while accel or braking. I have maybe 1/8 turn in my wheels from by backlash on my ring and pinion, and maybe 1/2 inch of rotation from tire to tire through the spool with 33" tires
  12. My original plan was to build a street able 408 with a 6 speed manual. And look into the possibility of swapping in a IRS
  13. Thats exactly what I did ! i wonder what a 78 460 and c-6 is worth?
  14. sell the 460 to pay for 408 parts? lol
  15. I'm wondering if its worth doing the swap, i know a 408 with aluminum goodies should make 500HP pretty easy, what kind of power should i expect out of a 460 with similar treatment and money spent? Also I was planning on running a t-5 or 6 speed in place of the FMX for more fun and better mileage. is there a bellhousing out that will mate a big block to these transmission
  16. I had planned on building my 351 into a 408 with lots of aluminum, but now this 460 is thrown in my lap..... HMMM
  17. anyone know off hand the weight of a 460 block vs a 351w block?
  18. hows mating a 460 with a functional nasa hood? I have one and really dont want to remove it or make it non functional
  19. I'm picking up a e350 van that is not worth driving, but does have a good running 460 and c-6. Is it even worth the effort to type this considering swaping out my 351W and fmx for a 460 c-6 combo?
  20. I actually used a product called duraplex high strength acrylic sheet..Plexi was a generic term I use...Sikkins transparent red toner (basic candy apple) with a touch of flex additive...Thanks for the tips info though looks like your all over it! It looks like it would work really well with a sequential light setup with all 3 lenses red
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