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  1. Does he like it? And does it hook up to factory wiring, like to know your and uncles oppinion on it. Yes it is Dakota Digital, does your uncle like it?, Thinking about one but dont want to drop $600 with out knowing some one who has it and know that it workes well.
  2. Anyone have, know or herd of anyone that has replaced guage cluster with a digital cluster from MCB?
  3. IS there not an aftermarket urethane bumper manufactured. May be we found a new business.
  4. You can find them on eBay most don't work or seller docent know if it works, any way if you can find one look at the web site above ( clock works ) they can get it goin again.
  5. I agree with 72Mike its not just the car, it thetime spent bringing it back to life and to stand back and admire your creation, I think the car would have alot more value other than just the price tag.
  6. Thanks for the response, Im wanting a motor for casual cruising nites butt still want the power to show off if you know what I mean and definitely on some what of budget that don't cost me divorce, humm, might could afford more for the car if I didn't have so much woman stuff to buy! Another question, the 351 Cleveland was produced from 69-74 right, how come I see so many different year model trucks and cars for sale that claim they have the 351 Cleveland?
  7. Got some snow here in the DFW area today, allthough it leaves as fast as it comes, but it is cold.
  8. I am looking at an engine for the 71, read that more after market preformance parts are available for the 351 Windsor than the 351 Cleveland, just for the heck of it I would like yall's opinion, which engine should I stick in the 71?
  9. When im not messing with the Stang or on the PC looking at what to buy,get,need for the car, I like to fish when the weather permits, play video games when it dont, building a die-cast model of 71 Mach1, like to full around with photography and Phot shop.
  10. ::welcome:: Great to have another member
  11. Yea sorry to here that, gla every one OK hope your wife gets feeling better soon.
  12. I might know, I will check something
  13. What brand and kind of paint and primer does every one think or herd is the best and where to buy?
  14. 71stang


    My wife was born in San Angelo,
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