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  1. At the point with family kids and realization I have other projects that I’m going to let this one go. Been stored in a barn the last 15 years. I had it registered one summer prior to storing it. It’s a project car but is mostly complete. I’ll get pics soon (silver car in my other posts ) but here is the marti report. I’ll note it currently has a ram air plenum with correct flat hood springs. It also has a very very rare Ford racing aluminum intake over the counter dealer from 1971. The carb is not original nor is the distributor. I also converted it to power brakes. Fold down rear seat, rear spoiler, comp suspension. Try to get Pics this weekend . It’s stored off site 45 min from where I live in Utica ny. Looking for around $12,000 or best offer
  2. I swapped out front buckets for one from a 2008 Mustang. Used original 7173 tracks. Made a simple flat plate adapter to bolt the original 7173 tracks to the newer seats. Found that the easiest route.
  3. Do you mean this part?: I was not referring to the splash shields. Those are pretty easy to come by and have the part number on them. The part eddyw included is what Im referring to. It fits onto the underside of the rear of the upper fender where the top lip meets the cowl area. Thanks for the information so far. Any other info that anyone has would be appreciated.
  4. Anyone have part numbers or any information on the black plastic fender to cowl filler panel trim pieces? Its attaches to the upper inner edge of the fender where the fender meets the A pillar and cowl. Part number? Are they interchangeable with the cougar? I have one from a cougar but I don't have one from a Mustang to match it up. The Cougar one does not have a part number on it. Did Ford only use them in 71? Anything else?
  5. Ive had this trim piece on various mustangs and cougars V8s. 71-73 (Not sure about 6 cylinder stangs never had one) but seems there were on all V8s but not 100% sure. They split at the edge so probably get tossed quickly.
  6. Ive seen a 73 montego gt with a black leather wrap on black wheel and a 78 ranchero GT with a red leather wrap on a red wheel. Maybe a handful of 73 mustangs and cougars with the leather wrap but not enough of them to remember if they matched the wheel color or not. A rare option.
  7. Probably could be one of several thing then but Id have to refer this one to a trans expect then. If you lived closer to central NY I could sell you a C6 if it came to that!
  8. I doubt its same as 7173 coupe. The frame may be the same as the 64-67 coupe though. I'm not sure if Ford changed the rear coupe seat at all from 64-70.
  9. Easy fix would be its low on fluid. Have any leaks? Checked the fluid lately when it was hot , engine running in park? You don't get forward or reverse at all? What if you wait a while does it engage?
  10. I'd be interested in knowing too. My cougar had a full top which didn't get put back because I like the smoother look but I remember yanking the trim off and it looking like pretzels when I was done! I couldn't figure out how to remove it without ruining it.
  11. Machs and sportroofs had very thin and small rear seats unique to that body style. Convertibles had a thinner smaller rear seat back also unique to that body style. What you have looks like a 70 deluxe couple rear seat based on the covering and size.
  12. I think the rims looks odd (to me anyway) because there is no dish to them. They are flat against the tire on the sidewall. I'm not a fan of the door handles or the Camaro taillights. But as stated before glad he's brought more attention to how cool the 7173s are.
  13. Hi all looking for any information on window track and regulator interchange. What works for fastback, coupe and convertible, specifically the rear 1/4 glass. I have a set of convertible rear quarter window tracks. (manual windows) 1. Are the regulators AND tracks the same for the fastback, vert, coupe? Or will tracks regulators only work for the specific models? 2. Is the glass in the vert specific or is it the same as the coupe? I know fastback quarter glass is unique. Any help is appreciated
  14. Foose was smart when her pretty much just put nice rims on the Pantera he did recently. I think he knew enough not to "mess" with it. As far as the 71 he's doing not a fan of the door handles or of the Camaro type taillights that might end up out back but jury is still out on that. Always thought the 71 Torino taillights would have looked like a cool mod or even a Pantera taillight like one of our members is doing on his Mustera. I would have liked to see more of a European touring flare to the car than muscle car. Just my opinion.
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