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  1. Balancer: Romac. Period. Ford racing billet flywheel 10.5 clutch McCleod extreme street clutch kit. I am also using a hydraulic clutch setup. Factory magnum 500 wheels are nice to look at but not practical for what you are trying to achieve. 15” wheels are limited to bf Goodrich tires and that’s pretty much about it. Try going with a 18” wheel and your tire options are limitless.
  2. I bought mine from summit racing and it was about 400 bucks. It arrived in raw metal so I painted it corporate ford blue spray can (of course lol). It was easy to put together and getting the car on it was a little tricky but I did mine half at a time( the cart separates in the middle into two halves)
  3. I used tmi foam and upholstery front and back. I did the entire interior myself in my garage. It was tough but nothing was impossible. I used the shopping bag method over the headrests and they went on fairly easy. lOTS of stretching. I almost thought my fingers were gonna bleed. Whatever you do, before you reassemble the seats, be sure to weld up the corners of the bottom seat frame. They are notorious for cracking and if not fixed, one seat will look reclined and the other not. Quite frankly looks like shit when neither seat is in line with the other once installed in the car.
  4. I also used the American Powertrain kit. I installed mine high on the pedal and minted the master cylinder next to the brake booster. I have included pics. These pics are when I first installed the kit and since then have the engine and trans in the car. I really like the location I chose. It looks like it fits there and since the push rod is mounted high on the pedal, I will get smooth operation and I have not bottomed out the master cylinder. I will use the hood bumper idea, just haven’t gotten around to it.
  5. US Mags Bandit. 18x9 in rear. 18x8 in front. Wrapped in nitto 555s
  6. They were rubber coated originally. Most of them have deteriorated over time. They are windshield stops. Not for the hood.
  7. The size difference between the 1310,1330,-and 1350 joints are only a matter of approx 1/2” difference. I don’t think the change between the ujoints will have any impact on the shaft or the placement of the yoke in the trans.
  8. Yep. I would invest in a good quality driveshaft (should be 51” for a tko600). I am buying mine from dynotech engineering. Not cheap but balanced to 8000 rpm and all the nascar guys are using them so that’s cool too. Use the conversion u joint until you make the swap then put in the 1350 joints. The non greasable u joints are stronger than the greasable ones.
  9. Like most people have already stated, it really depends on your setup. If you are running a 3 speed automatic, you are confined to gears of no more than 3.50, 3.55, or 3.73 if you want to cruise at a decent speed down the road. If you are using a 5 or 6 speed, you can afford to go 4.11 or 4.30 without sacrificing cruisability. Also keep in mind that you need to keep the rpms in the power band of the engine while cruising. If you don’t and you are below your power band, the engine will feel like it’s “lugging” while cruising.
  10. Myself and another site member (rackerm) will be headed up on Saturday together. We will be in the swap area looking to score parts.
  11. I installed a one piece pan. It wasn’t that bad. You need to slide it through the windshield area in order to get it in the car. Once it’s prepped and fitted where you want it, use sheet metal screws to hold it in and then go around and plug weld the perimeter holes you made. I used an air punch for my holes.
  12. I have a brand new Robb mc 1/2” sending unit I will sell you. I bought it from robbmc and never used it. I changed my mind and went fuel injected. $100 plus shipping.
  13. Yes, plenty of room once you install the tank. I ran AN -6 fuel line from the pump to new 3/8 steel fuel line. I am running a holley sniper efi system so I used the vapor line as the return.
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