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  1. Many people think it is red.....it is very Orange though. Goals changed. At one point I considered going the 5.0 Coyote with Hotrod cams route....but I would prefer to keep the 351. I have been offered a 2V but I want the 4V. It will be standard apart from the colour. I'm going for dark metallic purple!
  2. Hi all, It's been a while since I have been on this forum and I can only apologise. I have forgotten where I got up to before...I was in China, been back a year and a half now though lol. I bought an '06 GT when I had been back 2 days lol and a few months ago, I found a '71 Mach 1 too!!!! I have spent a few K on the '06 in the past year or so and below are what it looks like now. Below are also the pics of the '71. I bought it 14th May this year. It is a 1971 Mach 1 in Grabber blue and silver. First imported t the UK in 1972, been dry stored for past 20 years. It has 1 tiny (1/2 size of a 5 p) rust hole in the floor and no other rust what-so-ever on it. It has an M code 351 cleveland 4V engine (came in bits along with almost 2 of everything except the block) but no inlet manifold. I will restore over the next 2 years or so and will start in January (after my psychological research report is finished) I am on the lookout for a turnkey 351C 4v or parts to rebuild the one I have.
  3. Hi, welcome from UK/China. You garage sounds brilliant....need pics please!
  4. Welcome from UK/China. I wouldn't bother making a clone. It looks wickedly different as it is. Absolutely stunning!
  5. That would make a cool outline of a house, a huge engine shaped house!!!
  6. Hi, Welcome from UK/China. Looks like the makings of an awesome car. Good luck
  7. Hi, Welcome from UK/China.
  8. Hi, Welcome from UK/China. I'm jealous of your project...are you keeping it the same colour? Personally not a fan of that green..
  9. Somehow, I doubt that a corporate culture making the noises of "smaller, economical, modern" is going to react well to the return of styling associated with the '71-73 design. Granted, it could be confused for the '69-70, which isn't a bad thing in terms of marketing the retro edge. I did a further Photoshop of the roofline tonight - this one is definitely '71-73 based: -Kurt That truly is a beautiful sight. You never know until you try...they may see the light...as an option. They could make this for the real enthusiasts. I'm sure many would queue to buy it, instead of the dull crappy eurobox they are planning
  10. It's a 2010 Mustang GT that I modified in Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7 long ago - long before I ever thought I'd own a '71, in fact. EDIT: The original photo: -Kurt No kidding here, you NEED to send that to Ford!!!!! I'd buy it in a heartbeat! THAT should be the new Mustang for sure.
  11. Completely agree 150% That is extremely beautiful !!!!!!!!!!! WANT IT ! Is it photoshopped?
  12. What the hell are Ford thinking ?????? Looks like an updated UK Ford Puma. Sorry but that is ridiculous as a Mustang, so un-mustang-like. As for the 4-pot turbo. IT'S NOT A MUSTANG. Mustang is about power, grunt, awesome beast style presence! Not that thing with a Mondeo (Aston Martin copy) front grill!!!
  13. Hi all. Next Feb, we return to the UK from China and as soon as we land on shore, we are buying an '05-'09 shape Mustang V8 GT. 2 questions... I should be able to get an 05 or 06 GT for around £10,000 UK then. Will it be cheaper to import one from the USA...do you know what is involved and the costs. Also, I must have a Cervini kit on it. (Front bumper with lower spotlights, rear valance, side skirts with exhaust kit, bonnet scoop (not bulge), California Special style side scoops and rear quarter window scoops (not the slated louvre type but the solid type). They may be hard to get or find a car with it already fitted in UK but what is the cost of buying and import/exporting to me in the UK, bodykit and side exhaust kit too please...if anyone knows. Your advise is appreciated....
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