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  1. I only did a few of Christine.
  2. Back from Carlisle. The weather was actually better than we thought as rain didn't start until last night....otherwise hot and muggy. Did Fri and Sat night at Quaker State and Lube in Mechanicsburg with the group. Not expecting to win anything with so many great looking Mustangs of all years, but Christine received a Top 50 award from out of 198 Mustangs that came from the Red Mustang Registry. We also won 1st place for the club for most club members at 198 and beating out Focus Rising by 1 car. Here's a pic of her from Quaker State and Lube Sat night.
  3. Leaving tomorrow at 7am for Carlisle and I'll be wearing my 71-73 tee shirt. Hope to see some members there. Pics to follow.
  4. No your not. Their will be one more red 72 mach Yeah, but are you in the RMR Club? I was told I'm alone... ::shrug::
  5. So, of the close to 200 red mustangs attending from the Red Mustang Registry club, I'll be the only 71-73 there.
  6. I work a few minutes away and while I'm far from an expert if anyone is interested for more pics or whatever, let me know.
  7. Good looking ride. Welcome from New Jersey
  8. 30 Days to Carlisle. Decided to rent a trailer and tow Christine for the trip. I'll also be bringing 71-73 flyers to hand out to see if we can expand on member.
  9. Just to clarify, I did use break in oil when the engine was rebuilt and then switched to mobil 1 full syn.
  10. Christine is garage kept but not climate controlled. I usually take her out at minimum for a 30 minute ride, at least once a month, even during the winter. Pulled the dip stick and the oil still had that yellowish/gold color on the stick with no gas smell, but to play it safe prob better to just change it. Thanks
  11. The 302 engine had a total rebuild about 3.5 years ago and I've been using Mobil 1 full syn. I usually change the oil each spring at about 1000 miles per year. Not that I want to be cheap, but does it really need an oil change or am I good at least for another year 1000 miles? Thanks
  12. Welcome from New Jersey. Gotta love red.
  13. I've always felt the antenna looked better in the back, but IMO not worth the trouble of moving it and repairing the front fender.
  14. I'll print some out and take them with me to Carlisle in June. Thanks
  15. Why not attend Carlisle 2018 in PA (First weekend in June).
  16. Welcome from New Jersey. You can never go wrong with a Red Vert. Why not also join the Red Mustang Club. https://www.allredmustangs.com/
  17. Very sad as I went there a few times. Even once ran my 1969 Camaro in 1973 and I still have the run time slip
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