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  1. Maybe a relay switch that turned back on?
  2. Fuel gauge was working fine. Wonder if it had anything to do with the fact I needed to crank her for sometime to start after sitting for 2 months.
  3. Took Christine out for a mid winter ride after sitting for 2 months. and it took a long time for her to turn over and start (new battery), but I'm guessing she sat to long and it's been cold in NJ. Just happened to look at the center gauges and noticed the Oil Pressure and Temp gauges weren't working while the Amp meter was working. Obviously it pissed me off. Got home after a 15 minute ride and thought let me try this. Turned the car off, waited 30 seconds and started her up again and now both Oil and Temp gauges moved. Obviously, very happy now, but what could have happened with them not working the first time out?
  4. Welcome from New Jersey. Nice looking stang.
  5. Happy New Year. Hope to see members here at Carlisle 2018.
  6. Merry Christmas. Now please sign up for Carlisle 2018, especially red stangs for the RMR group. Trying to get 306 red mustangs to attend. https://www.allredmustangs.com/
  7. In general don't long tubes create more HP?
  8. Been kicking around the idea of buying this to help dry Christine. https://www.autogeek.net/dp-turbo-car-dryer.html
  9. Got the new visor rubber tips and all is well again.
  10. Time will tell but good to have another source. Thanks
  11. My passenger visor rubber tip dry rotted. So I figured, great!!! where the hell am I going to find one. Couldn't believe it that Scott Drake makes a replacement rubber tip. Ordered it and waiting for delivery....Life is Good.
  12. I made mine as well. Not too difficult. I also made one for another member as well. And it's still working great. Thanks
  13. ...and registered tonight, including the parade on Sat. Can't wait for June.
  14. Welcome from New Jersey. I call my stang Christine (the other woman)
  15. While I'm 3.5 - 4 hours away seriously thinking about going in June 2018. Plus I'm a member of the Red Mustang Registry Club and they're looking to get 300 Red Mustangs to show up. https://www.allredmustangs.com/carlisle-2018 Would be great to see other 7173Mustangs members there, especially Red Mustangs. Would also be great to get some Central/South Jersey Mustangs to head out there together for a Mustang caravan.
  16. Must be Frank Cone's cousin selling this one... lollerz Has the very rare Leather seat option with a "whopping 177 HP". https://www.ebay.com/itm/1973-Ford-Mustang-Convertible-/322839465977?hash=item4b2abb4ff9:g:7vgAAOSw2TdZ4UBP&vxp=mtr
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