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  1. Must be Frank Cone's cousin selling this one... lollerz Has the very rare Leather seat option with a "whopping 177 HP". https://www.ebay.com/itm/1973-Ford-Mustang-Convertible-/322839465977?hash=item4b2abb4ff9:g:7vgAAOSw2TdZ4UBP&vxp=mtr
  2. Great color, but it doesn't smell right.
  3. I try not to drive at night. Low dash light problem solved.
  4. Great. Let me know when we can do this.
  5. Any idea what the shipping cost would be?
  6. Once the price is set, I'll do a paypal transfer to the member. Thanks
  7. Looking for a member here in Europe to do me a big favor. This product isn't being manufactured or sold in the USA anymore, but I found it in Europe. Unfort, they won't ship to the USA. I know we have a few members here in Europe and wondering if you can purchase it for me. Have it shipped to your home and then reshipped to me in New Jersey, USA. https://www.lifestylestore.se/en/iphone/satechi-home-button-home-button-bluetooth-ios-and-android/ Of course the shipping cost needs to be within reason. So can a fellow member help me out... ::thumb:: BTW..This is for my Jeep Wrangler, not my Mustang. :thankyouyellow:
  8. Welcome and good luck with putting it back together. You're a better man than I.
  9. mpbsr

    Hi guys

    Welcome from New Jersey.
  10. Not that I had a ton of pics, but downloaded them off the site prior to it going paid.
  11. I think someone has way to much time on their hands.
  12. Would enjoy going, but you're a good 7 hours away from me in South Jersey.
  13. 73pony here made a custom power steering S tube for me 2 years ago and it's been working fine. I did find a used one on ebay, but it leaked also. Otherwise, these are about impossible to find and aren't aftermarket made.
  14. I had a Ravelco installed when I got Christine. A little pricey ($500) for a kill switch, but it clearly does the job. My plug is under the dash so it's out of sight. I even have to feel for it when plugging in the adapter. You can see the plug ring (red) in my pic, but once the plug is out...can't see anything. http://www.ravelco.com/ The guy took 5 hours for the install. While they might tow her away, there's no way Christine is going to be hot started.
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