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  1. What we really need are hood pins/twist locks in order to lock the hood.
  2. Got to love old school. Talking with a friend if mine yesterday who bought a Caddie SUV. The freakin seats vibrate to give you a warning. I think we're all be driving the Audi in "I, Robot" before you know it.
  3. Not sure how important it is to you to be original? Sounds like a good deal, but of course not seeing it in person is a concern. (I know thats how I bought my 73). Also, with the work done to it, could be a little beat up on. Check it out and if it looks good to you I'd start at $11,000 (due to paint job) and meet somewhere in the middle.
  4. Yes I do. Make a fair offer and we'll talk. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Spoken for by another member here.
  5. Yep the younger generation. That's like my son calling me and saying he's stuck at the mall because the door on the Escape won't open, I asked him if he tried both doors and he said he had. I arrived, pushed the button on the key pod, nothing so I used the key to open the door. My son was amazed that the key to start the car actually opened the door. A dead battery in a key pod stranded him. That was before I got my Mustang, he had never driven a car without a key pod. Different generation, but what he can do with a smart phone amazes me. Jim Exactly. When was the last time you had to use a key to open the door.
  6. Had the car in the shop as we're trying to find out what's leaking after the tranny was rebuilt. The "young" mechanic pulls it into the bay and while showing me the leak, says your clock spring is bad. I just looked at him. He said, whenever I turned the wheel the horn honked. I sort of laughed. Said it's a rimblow steering wheel and got the "huh" look. Even the shop owner laughed. He thought I was nuts as I was explaining to him how the rimblow works. Kids!!!
  7. I trimmed the edges if mine to get rid of the side "shields." I had the HiPo parts kit.. it was better, but not great. I got SMD replacements from superbrightleds.com... that did the trick. HiPo parts SMD replacements Looks great. Where did you find these on their website?
  8. This should help http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-rear-spoiler-help
  9. mpbsr


    Welcome from South Jersey.
  10. Welcome from South Jersey...yeah, I know...what exit.
  11. Mach I stripe. Luxstang - Thanks for the info in the PM. I'm looking to either do this stripe. Guy claims custom for the vert. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1971-1972-1973-Ford-Mustang-Mach-1-Convertible-or-Coupe-Trunk-Stripe-Decal-Kit-/280863195512?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item4164c04178&vxp=mtr Or the Mach I stripe from Mustangs Unlimited as I'm looking to make it a Mach I Tribute.
  12. Thanks. That's a job over the next month or two. Damn, he made it seem so easy.
  13. I'm going to bring it into the local mechanic shop (client of mine) to see if he can tell where it's leaking from. I did stick my head under the car as far as I could and it feels like the fluid is leaking from the left top side of the pan. Guess that could be the pan or yoke leaking. If by chance they can fix it for $100, go ahead. It would be worth not to have to take another day of from work and drive 200 miles round trip. Thursdays the big day. Wish me luck.
  14. No need for a short ride today as there's about 1 inch diameter of tranny fluid on the garage floor. On the other problem with the NASA hood grills my body shop guy got back to me letting me know that his guy forgot to put them back on the hood after it was painted and put back on the car. So at least he has the grills and can mail them to me if I don't get back there. Going to see a mechanic client of mine tomorrow to see if they'll look at the car tues/wed to see where the leak is coming from and if they can fix it or should the car head back up to North Jersey so the shop that did the rebuild fix the leak. I would hate to have to so another 200 mile round trip if it can be fixed local.
  15. I use American Collector based out of Cherry Hill Nj. http://www.americancollectors.com/ They paid to replace my windshield after I messed it up. It happened when I leaned a holagen lamp a little too close to the glass while working on my dash. Bubbled up the glue between the glass and couldn't see through it any more. Told them the truth and they sent me a check! I would recommend them and they have lower rates! Unfort, they're not accepting new applications from NJ at this time. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ That's weird, I just went to their site now and yes they are. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Just got a quote from them for $382....Plus they put down 7500 miles when I typed in and checked 4000 miles. I'll call them tomorrow to see why they're so high compared to others at around $225.
  16. Went out for a very short ride and no leak in the garage. Does it matter if the tranny fluid is hot or cold for it to leak through the seals (if that's where its leaking from)? Maybe tomorrow with the weather being nicer I'll take her out for a 1/2 hour ride to see if she leaks.
  17. 71-73 NJ Mustangs Rock!!!
  18. Got the stang back last wed from adding front/rear spoilers and repairs. One of the repairs was the tranny being rebuilt. On the drive home the stang drove great. I pull her out of the garage today and damn....the tranny is leaking. The bad thing is that the shop that did the work was recommended by a client of mine and is 100 miles away. I'm sure the guy is good for it, but damn (again), I really don't want to do another 200 mile round trip just to see if something wasn't tightened on the pan. Hope to bring her in this week to a local guy that hopefully can see what's wrong and maybe one-two turns with a torque wrench and all is good. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now for my 2nd vent. The center of the NASA hood was painted black. I was there when he told the guy to pull the grill inserts out when painting the hood. Yes, you guess it. I popped the hood to check the tranny fluid and noticed that the grill inserts aren't there. The guy obviously forgot to reattach them to the hood inserts. I won't know until Monday but hope the grill inserts are laying on a shelf in the shop.
  19. I purchased a cable hood lock http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00262P71W/ref=oh_details_o01_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 but the shop isn't able to install it as the front end under the hood is plastic and there's nothing to secure it to. Does anyone here have some sort of hood lock?
  20. Welcome from South Jersey. Wish I had a 429 out of a Torino Cobra laying around.
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