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  1. Now that the Magnum's are on the 73, I'm looking to sell my 73 slotted rims (5). Unfort, just looking at UPS it could cost up to $300 to ship across the country (that's if I need to ship that far). Anyone know of other shipping options that are cheaper?
  2. Wow! Just found a leaf spring shop right by my office. Think I'll check them out on Monday. But I'm sure he's going to need to see the car before making any recommendation.
  3. Plus to me, I feel that I'm sitting low in the seat. (Compared to my other cars). Thought new springs while lifting the rear, would also give me a little lift. Do I go with stock 4 leaf?
  4. I finally was able to get the Magnums and new tires on the 73. Upgraded from 14x6 to 15x7. Either way I feel the car might be sitting a little low in the back. The leaf springs are at least 23 years old and I know the bushings are dry rotted. If I need new springs, go for 4 leaf (factory) or 5 leaf which should raise it a little? Your thoughts??? Thanks
  5. Man what's up with all the 71-73's for sale in Dallas?
  6. 302 gets more than enough love on fox body forums;) BTW..i think its a good little motor..Does a little of everything...Its design is a bit outdated compared to the 2v and 4v clevelands...but it will kick some butt too..Good light duty truck motor too. That's because the old 302 Fox bodies (1980's) came with 225 hp.
  7. That did it. But I had to push the TS just a little harder than I was comfortable doing. Thanks
  8. Ok, this is driving me crazy. I know I have a tilt wheel in my 73, but can't get it to tilt (except for one time). Is there any trick to it besides pushing the turn signal towards the dash and moving the steering wheel up or down? Thanks
  9. Looking to pick up a set of BFG Radial t/a 225/60/15 and the seller while does show pictures of the tires has one with a yellow mark. He also claims no seconds or blems. Is the yellow mark the manufacturer build date? (unfort having a hard time making the pic larger) Anyway the numbers in yellow and circled are 0712
  10. Def as I'll be adding the rear spoiler soon and would hate to mount it backwards.
  11. What does everyone use to clean their black top?
  12. Here are pics of the wheel. Any idea of what it's worth?
  13. I'm thinking about changing the leaf springs as the back sits just a little low. But some items of my DIY days are gone and that would include changing the leak springs. Any idea what it would cost? I also figure that I might be better off going to a Midas or Meineke shop. Only because if I go to my local shop they're going to add on a parts charge since they don't stock the springs. I just feel that the local is charging a high enough price for labor. Why should they make money on parts also.
  14. I have a rimblow steering wheel with a crack/space at 12 o'clock. So I'm looking to sell that and buy an aftermarket. Maybe it's me but the Mustang 15" wheel just seems so big compared to my wife's 15" wheel in her Acura. Guess it's prob because the Mustang wheel is thin compared to the Acura. So I'm thinking about a classic series wheel (15") from Mustang Unlimited but not sure how thin/thick the wheel is. Has anyone here used that wheel? http://www.mustangsunlimited.com/itemdy00.asp?T1=966C+01 It's to late to call them today and ask, but I will tomorrow.
  15. Finally ready to order and just want to confirm that the speedo and odom won't be screwed up. Going from 215/70x14 to 225/60x15 This is for all four tires. Thanks
  16. Length of the spoiler - 59" Distance between the mounting legs - 33.75" Width of the spoiler - 7" Installed pedestal height - 3.5" Hope this helps
  17. I have 15x7 with 215/60 on front and 225/60 back, the speedometer is correct. HMMMMM??? 215/60 15x 7 not a choice with Mustang Unlimited with their magnum 500 tires package. http://www.mustangsunlimited.com/EM_CatalogSite/00247.htm
  18. I'm going to be changing rims on the 73 and currently have 14x6 (Tires 215x70) While I was going to replace them with 14x6, can I go with 15x7 and what size tires to keep the speedometer/odometer the same?
  19. I'll discuss it tuesday with my body shop. Thanks
  20. Accent line, but not full hood. Looking to do the center like on the bottom left. 71-73 Mach I. http://www.mustangsunlimited.com/EM_CatalogSite/00345.htm They came matte black or argent but unless you are doing a concourse restoration, do what makes you happy. As for me I prefer gloss as in clear coated and buffed smooth with no lines to collect wax No concourse restoration for me, but I wanted something that looked OEM and and leaning towards matt black.
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