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  1. Accent line, but not full hood. Looking to do the center like on the bottom left. 71-73 Mach I. http://www.mustangsunlimited.com/EM_CatalogSite/00345.htm
  2. The 73 is going in on Tuesday for some upgrades. While it currently has the NASA hood the center is going to be painted black. Did the center of the NASA hood come from the factory gloss black or matt black?
  3. It's a convert, I'm 5'8", have a stock rimblow adjustable steering wheel and would like to raise them about 2". Guess I'll mention it to my body shop guy next week.
  4. Well how about posting some pics? that might help As soon as I get them off the car in about one month I will. Thanks
  5. I feel like I'm sitting so low compared to my 03 GT. Has anyone here raised the fronts seats?
  6. I'm not looking to get greedy when I sell them. Just want a fair price. Thanks
  7. 54 views and not one person here has any idea of what they're worth?
  8. Now that I've had coffee.........did I really ask if it had factory door locks??? What a dumbass!:blush: Do your self a favor and use MES door lock actuators (the white ones). They are far superior to all other ones currently on the market. I've literally installed hundreds of actuators over the years and these will last much longer. Thanks for the info.
  9. Prob being older than most owners here, I was very a big fan of the 71-73's. But for some reason when looking for a new toy over the last 6 months those years looking like a Mach I Tribute really grew on me, especially in Red/black/black. Bought my 73 about 1 month ago and she's going in next week to become my Tribute. Pictures will be posted.
  10. Would need to be aftermarket power door locks motors.
  11. I have the car for about a month now and setting up a list of items I would like to do. My 73 has power windows (not sure if that matters), but did anyone here install a keyless entry to their 73?
  12. Within a month I'm going to be selling the rims off my 73 Mustang and going with magnum 500's (just like the way they look better). The 5 slotted rims are in very good to excellent condition in 14x6 with after market center caps. These rims are from 1973, have the black groove and not aftermarket. Any idea of what they're worth? Thanks
  13. Again I feel it doesn't work as well on an older car. Everything is too exposed and the wiring will stand out unless you re wrap some of the oem harnesses. A hidden coil interrupt would be more effective in conjunction with a standard alarm. I do interrupts (kill switches) with a reed switch (magnetic switch) and a neodymium magnet. Basically find a plastic area like the radio console or center console and epoxy the reed switch from behind. When a magnet is placed over the switch it closes the contacts in the switch thus actuating the relay wired to the coil or starter solenoid. I usually have the customer get a small emblem and epoxy the magnet to the back side. When you want to secure the vehicle pop the emblem off and stick it somewhere else. It can be wired to run when the magnet is present or when it is removed by using a normally open or normally closed reed switch. I still highly recommend the hood latch. Just make sure to take a ton of time lining it up and secure it in as many places as is possible. Slack in the cable can be the difference between clearing and busting out the Sawzall. The tire club would be great if there weren't so many unscrupulous tow truck drivers that lift cars on the side. I can imagine someone entering a car and taking their time removing a club on the steering wheel. But outside the car beating on the tire?? I don't know. mike http://www.amazon.com/DEWALT-DCS370K-18-Volt-NiCd-Cordless/dp/B0058UVXXK There you go. And the dirtbag can get super saver shipping.:P Good info. The car is going into the shop next week to add front/rear spoilers and some other items. I'll run this by my body shop guy to get his opinion. Thanks
  14. So you don't think the Ravelco is worth the cost? Another reason why I want a hood lock on the car. I do remember the Chapmen lock which is the same as the link you posted.
  15. Something like this, but I remember them being chrome. http://www.ebay.com/itm/JDM-SILVER-CARBON-FIBER-RACING-OE-FIBERGLASS-HOOD-LOCK-PINS-PIN-LATCH-2-KEYS-/310629736090?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item4852f99e9a&vxp=mtr
  16. The 73 has an outside hood release. I like the hood twist locks but it's not really a lock, twist and open. I do remember a keyed lock (like the twist) but unable to locate it. Is anyone here using some sort of lock?
  17. Doing some research on Ravelco.....Can't find any legit complaint about the company. Guess it's worth the $500.
  18. It's time for a security/alarm. Anyone here ever install a Ravelco system? http://www.ravelco.com/ This is not a sound alarm system, but they claim no car that has ever had this installed has been stolen. Or is it better to go for the usual alarm sound system and if yes, what type would be the best/ Thanks
  19. Austin Vert Good info and I see what you mean by the rear quarter window handle, but I have power windows so that doesn't come into play. Thanks
  20. Wow! Glad you're ok. I wasn't thinking about the hood pins before, but now I might have them installed.
  21. Slotted rims might be fine and proper, but I'm going with Magnun 500's on my recently purchased 73 vert as I think they look better. Will be selling the original 73 slotted soon and will post them at this site if anyone is interested.
  22. Anyone here do a 3 point shoulder belt for a vert? Thinking about doing this as I would feel safer with the shoulder strap. http://www.cjponyparts.com/seat-belt-3-point-retractable-with-lift-latch-front-pair-coupe-1965-1967-convertible-1965-1973/p/SBR3B/ Unfort, the shoulder belt holder does need to get screwed into the body and not crazy about that.
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