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  1. Happy Thanksgiving. For me, it's all about "Family".
  2. My soon to be wife had a 1975 Datsun Hatchback, auto. Slow as a turtle. But the whole family borrowed it when they needed to move something and it fit in the back.
  3. My 3rd car was a 1975 Datsun B210 5 speed. If I recall about 70hp with 0-60 in about 18 seconds. Had her for 11 years and while not fast she was fun to drive. But I haven't seen one in years as they were rust buckets. Out today with the Mrs. and what do I come across. A 1977 Datsun B210. Guy was asking $8500.
  4. Come on people, while it's not for me. It will be for the family man who desires a Mustang, but has a wife and 2 kids plus a dog.
  5. I seriously doubt that on the battery pack and charging 6-8 hours. Either way, electric is the future, just change the name from Mustang.
  6. My all time fav car. Just need a black stripe. Please tell me it's a stick?
  7. Like the suv, but please change the name and do something on the basic model grill.
  8. Congrats. My son was in San Angelo for a short time while in the Air Force.
  9. I've bought and sold a number of cars on ebay, including Christine.
  10. Maybe I'm slow and this has been posted, but man....I'm freakin out. Ford v. Ferrari Can't wait to see this...
  11. For the last few winters I was renting a neighbors garage for $75 a month. Now that I'm retired the Mustang stays in my garage while my TJ can stay on the driveway.
  12. Congrats. Please wrap the car in a blanket as she will be in shock from the cold since she came from Fla and now in Canada.
  13. My local shops are Napa, Autozone and Advance Auto.
  14. Hey...I know I'm old, but I used to wax my cars a lot when I was younger up to around 15 years ago. I would wax them 3-4 times a year and even do friends cars because I enjoyed it. Getting older I guess I got lazier and haven't waxed car in at least 10 years. I decided it was time to wax my 2003 Jeep TJ as it hasn't been waxed since I bought it a little over 2 years ago. While it looks good (red) up close you can tell it needs a good wax. So being old school head over to two local auto shops. When did paste wax become obsolete? I found only Turtle wax and Meguires on the shelf. Everything else was a spray on wax. Plus can't find cheese cloth any more in order to remove the wax and buff. Didn't want to try a spray on wax as I felt it wouldn't remove road crap and years of pollution on the body. So now Saturday I'm going to be out there with a liquid wax (Turtle) and some cloth designed (not cheese) to remove and buff the Jeep. Man, I'm old.
  15. Since my Stang isn't original and for a $250, I'll replace it with a retro radio that has blue tooth if I can't get that button unstuck. Yes, I thought about that option too, but as I had already got 'stung' for 200 bucks for what was supposedly and I quote " Professionally rebuilt" AM/FM Mustang radio, that turned out to have never been opened judging by the amount of crud in there, I decided to keep the radio and have it done by a real Professional. My choice. Because of a 35% difference in currency, a modern replacement retro radio would have cost me quite a bit more and that influenced my choice to rebuild. Geoff. Sort of reminds me when I had my C4 rebuilt. Having some trouble less than a year later and brought it now to a local shop. It appears whatever the first shop did it didn't rebuild the C4. Had my new shop do it and confirmed no rebuild on the first as I saw the original C4 parts that were worn. Unfort no recourse against the first shop as it was farmed out from a client of mine who owned a body shop. Obvious to say that soured our relationship. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Boy, glad to be "old school". I tried with a metal hanger to loop it in and to pull out the button. It did work a little but the button went back in. Then I said WTH and banged on the front of the radio (like we did many years ago with banging on the side of a TV when it didn't work). While the button didn't pop out, the radio starting working again. Guessing the setting for the cassette must have unstuck even with the button in. So now the radio is working. Anybody want to buy a NOS cassette of Meatloaf, Bat out of Hell?
  16. Kilgon, you forgot to add "and if that fails, take it to a specialist in vintage car radios and have it rebuilt" I say this because, although mine is not a cassette deck radio, wish it were, the buttons were sticking and then the FM quit. Not necessarily connected issues, but the radio went through a complete rebuild with new capacitors and just about anything else that was soon to quit. The guy did a great job and well worth the 250 bucks Cdn it cost me. Just sayin' Geoff. Since my Stang isn't original and for a $250, I'll replace it with a retro radio that has blue tooth if I can't get that button unstuck.
  17. When out cruising I figured how cool to play Meatloaf. So I pick up NOS cassette of Bat out of Hell and popped it in and it was working. I pushed in the play (rev/fwd) button to pop it out and the button is now stuck into the radio and it sounds like it's also stuck either in rev or fwd. I as able to get the cassette out but no luck with getting the button out. So because of the button being stuck in now the radio won't even play. I do know that even though not a stock Mustang radio it's been there since 1998. Any ideas of how to fix or am I now looking at replacing the radio with an aftermarket? How hard to remove if that's what I need to do? Thanks
  18. Congrats. Gotta love the red. Welcome from New Jersey.
  19. I would agree with lower end torque being more desirable then higher end. Therefore, with keeping the price within reason, I would go with rebuilding it since you can; plus as you said winter project.
  20. My 302 was rebuilt 4 years ago, but wish I had the knowledge to rebuild it myself. Could have saved a ton on labor and added more power. Not sure where in NJ you are, but maybe looking for an asst?
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