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  1. Attended the SJMC 39th Annual Mustang and Ford Show hosted by Holman Ford in Maple Shade, NJ.


    Having a 73 Mustang, I'm usually the loneliest guy at the shows because our model years 71-73 aren't the most popular.


    But this year I had the pleasure of meeting Richard (rackerm) from Delaware and a member of our group. Great guy and very knowledgeable about our Mustangs.  There was a 72 Grande (Paul) and while not a member, he will be joining us. So a lot of conversation and learning today.


    Richard won 1st place for the 64.5 -73 unmodified category and Paul won 3rd place. 


    Here's a pic of Richard's and Paul's great looking Mustangs. Mine was in the modified 64.5 - 73 and therefore no trophy for me.....but please don't feel bad as I won not 1, but 2 beer towers.....Oh yeah!!! 


    Luckily the wife stayed home or I would have needed to call an Uber for her.




  2. I get thumbs up everywhere I go.  I get guys in new Mustangs getting behind me. Guys in F150's rolling down their windows at stop lights to say something positive.  I also get the "super helpful" types in minivans honking at me to tell me my "rear brake light is out on the passenger side" ( its just a dim old bulb..)

    one of my favorites are the kids working the gas stations( in NJ you can't pump your own gas) who don't know where the gas tank is.

    The gas guys always hand me the nozzle to pump my own gas....even though it's against the law.

  3. Matched up both old and new to mark the holes and used a drill to punch out the new holes. Made sure to make a small hole and really needed to push in the new clips very carefully as not to rip the rubber. Worked out well. The old weatherstripping was really crushed down and weather beaten. Kept the old clips just in case. (Not sure why, but afraid to throw out).


    Picks of old and new weatherstripping. Very happy with the results.






  4. Check to make sure the axle vent is clear so pressure doesn't build up in the housing and tubes.


    It just takes a pin hole to show up as a damp spot that spreads out and collects dust.


    For a temporary fix you can use some Right Stuff on it after wire brushing it and cleaning it with brake cleaner.


    Kevin's method is best, permanent fix.


    Did they show you the leak ? " Passenger side tube " could be a brake line connection.  I'd be going back with a " more information Grasshopper " question then you know what you're dealing with.



    Unfort no on showing me the leak. Guess I now need to crawl under, but it would have been easier to see it when on the lift. 



  5. Had Christine in on Sat for an oil change and my local shop whom I trust said that the


    "rear diff seeping/leaking from passenger side tube". 


    Asked how to fix. Said that it needs to be welded.


    Now I always look on my garage floor for leaks and see nothing.

    Wouldn't I see oil leaking even if minimal?


    If leaking, does the side tube need to be welded or are there other options?



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